What flowers and plants are good for Feng Shui in the bedroom

Putting green plants in the bedroom can not only purify the air, but also block evil spirits and make money. So, what flowers and plants are good in the Feng Shui room of the bedroom ? What are the plants suitable for raising in the bedroom? What taboos should we pay attention to when placing? Let’s analyze what flowers and plants are placed in Feng Shui in the bedroom. Let’s study together

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what flowers and plants are good in Feng Shui bedroom

bedroom plant suitable for cultivation Feng Shui


Chlorophytum is easy to breed and has strong adaptability. It is one of the most traditional hanging plants in the room. Its leaves are slender and soft, and small plants are drawn from the leaf axils. They droop from the basin, stretch and fall, like flowers, and are evergreen all the year round. Chlorophytum is the ” The king of formaldehyde removal

lily is a perennial herb bulbous plant belonging to Liliaceae. It is mainly distributed in the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere such as Eastern Asia, Europe and North America. More than 100 varieties have been found all over the world, and China is its main origin. The main application value of lily is ornamental, and some varieties can be used as vegetables and medicine

evening Jasmine

evening jasmine, also known as nocturnal incense and fragrance under the moon. It belongs to Lycoris family, with perennial bulb flowers. Because of its fragrant flowers, slender stems, soft lines and easy planting and flowering regulation, it is one of the very important cut flowers and the main matching flowers in the application of bouquet and flower arrangement


is a bulbous flower of Araceae. Calla is one of the emerging flowers in recent years. As a fresh cut flower, it has a large market demand. Because the leaves of Calla Lily are green, the bracts are clean, white and large, just like a horseshoe, and the shape is strange, it is an important cut flower at home and abroad, which is widely used


jasmine, also known as jasmine, is a general term for evergreen shrubs or vines of the genus Jasminum in the Melilotus family. It is native to India and Pakistan. It has long been introduced and widely planted in China. Jasmine likes warm, humid and sunny environment. Its leaf color is green, its flower color is white and its aroma is rich. It is the most common aromatic potted flowers and trees. Jasmine has good health care and beauty effects and can be used for diet. It symbolizes love and friendship


chrysanthemum is a perennial perennial herbaceous flower with upright or semi trailing stems, pilose stems and many branches. Single leaves alternate, leaf margin serrated, flowers are head like inflorescences, with stem tops, rich flower shapes and diverse flower colors. Chrysanthemum is highly ornamental. There are many potted varieties or land flowers to choose from, and it can decompose formaldehyde and xylene produced after decoration


lotus is one of the top ten famous flowers in China. It not only has large color, fragrance and green cover, but also has strong adaptability. It can not only widely plant lakes, which is spectacular, but also potted and bottle inserted, which is interesting. Since ancient times, lotus is a precious aquatic flower in court gardens and private gardens. It is more and more popular and widely used in modern landscape gardens

Begonia flower

Begonia flower is one of China’s traditional famous flowers. Begonia flowers are natural and unrestrained, blooming like brocade. It has been a famous flower for both refined and popular tastes since ancient times, known as ” Guoyan ” ; Its reputation has been chanted by scholars and scholars of all dynasties. Su Dongpo, a great writer of a generation, was also fascinated by it, ” I’m afraid that the flowers will go to sleep at night, so I burn high candles to illuminate red makeup ” , Therefore, Begonia is nicknamed ” Jieyuhua ”


carnation is one of the traditional famous flowers in China. It is native to Northeast China, North China, the Yangtze River Basin and Southeast Asia. It is distributed in almost all parts of China except the hotter areas in South China. It can be used in flower beds, flower borders, flower beds or potted plants in gardens, and can also be used to decorate the edges of rock gardens and lawns. When planted in large areas, it can be used as landscape ground cover materials. In addition, carnation has the ability to absorb sulfur dioxide and chlorine. There can be a variety of places with toxic gas. Cut flowers are also good to watch


sunflower has short plants, smooth stems and mesophylls, rich and colorful flowers and long flowering period. It is advisable to arrange the periphery of the flower bed or turn it into a special flower bed. Whole grass can be used as medicine

Sweet scented osmanthus blossoms and leaves bloom in autumn; Monopolize the autumn and suppress the fragrance ” ;. It is widely used in gardens. It is often used as landscape trees, including solitary planting, opposite planting, and clumping and forest planting. Osmanthus fragrans has certain resistance to harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide and hydrogen fluoride. It is also a good flower and tree for greening in industrial and mining areas. Osmanthus fragrans has a pungent aroma and contains a variety of spices. It can be used for eating or extracting spices

ten kinds of plants not suitable for bedroom cultivation

(1) rose – the fragrance emitted by rose will make others suddenly feel chest tightness and discomfort, suffocation and dyspnea after hearing it

(2) orchid – the fragrance of orchid will make people too excited and cause insomnia after long hearing

(3) Bauhinia Flower – if the pollen emitted by Bauhinia Flower is in contact with people for too long, it will induce asthma or aggravate cough symptoms

(4) evening primrose – night primrose can emit a large number of particles that strongly stimulate the sense of smell at night. Patients with hypertension and heart disease are prone to dizziness, depression and discomfort, or even aggravate their condition

(5) Tulip – tulip flowers contain a toxic alkali, which will accelerate hair loss if they are in contact with it for too long

(6) oleander — the smell emitted by the flowers of oleander will make people drowsy and mentally decline if smelled for too long. The milky white liquid excreted by oleander will also be poisoned if exposed for too long

(7) pine and cypress flowers and trees — the fragrant smell emitted by pine and cypress flowers and trees can stimulate the intestines and stomach of human body. If it is smelled for too long, it will not only affect the appetite of many people, but also make pregnant women feel upset, nausea, vomiting and dizziness

(8) foreign Hydrangea — the particles emitted by foreign Hydrangea, if in contact with people, will make some people allergic to flesh and skin and cause pruritus

(9) Rhododendron flaviflorum — the flowers of Rhododendron flaviflorum emit a toxin. Once ingested by mistake, it will cause poisoning in light cases and shock in severe cases, which will seriously endanger your health

(10) Lily — if the fragrance emitted by lily is smelled for too long, it will make people’s central nervous system too excited and cause insomnia

what plants put in the bedroom will have a good dream

the preferred bedroom plant for fortune seekers to have a good dream: Fortune tree

fortune tree is a kind of foliage bonsai plant with auspicious meaning and attracting wealth. The leaves are evergreen and braided, which is deeply loved by people. Rich leaves are broad, easy to raise and green, which can bring rich oxygen to the bedroom, and its significance can promote the wealth of the bedroom owner. Be careful not to place it with the bed, and it is better to place it diagonally. This tree can add more thoughts on the wealth of contacts to the bedroom owner’s dream, and can have a good dream and do good deeds

peach blossom is the preferred bedroom plant for people who lack marriage to have a good dream

plants that can bloom red or pink in the current season can also be used. Pink or red flowers are easy to stimulate the human body’s good attitude and action towards the opposite sex. What will bring into the dream will be a benign view and more active attack on the opposite sex. Therefore, there is a saying that peach blossom promotes peach blossom luck. It should be placed so that it can be seen when lying on the bed. If it is bottle water, it is recommended not to put it where it is easy to overturn. In addition, the water should be changed frequently. Combined with water and air circulation, it can be placed on the table directly opposite the door

people seeking wealth and peace seek a good dream. The preferred plant: Fugui bamboo

Fugui bamboo represents the meaning: flowers bloom and wealth, bamboo repay peace, good luck and a rich life, which means better. Because it is water fed, it is recommended to put it at the air inlet of the bedroom. For example, if the wind in your bedroom comes in through the window, put it on the table under the windowsill. Remember to change the water frequently to avoid direct exposure to the sun. Look and think before going to bed, and you will feel at ease in your dream. You and your family will have less anxious dreams when traveling on business

There are more than one kind of hanging orchid in the bedroom, so you can choose more than one kind of hanging orchid. It’s not bad to hang more than two kinds of hanging orchids on the wall. Besides, you can choose more than one kind of hanging orchid in the bedroom. It’s not bad to hang them on the wall. Another saying is that if you lack wood in five elements, raising a morning glory on the windowsill or putting down the plants mentioned above in the East can also bring great benefits to the bedroom owner

generally speaking, relaxing leaf plants can bring more fresh oxygen to the bedroom, and the significance given by plants can make the overall spirit of the bedroom owner lively, which will bring effective improvement in skills and action. You can understand it as Feng Shui or psychological hint, but anyway, if you do so, it will certainly promote good sleep and more good dreams, which makes Chen Peng, who studies dream interpretation, think that the recommendation and adjustment of this bedroom plant is valuable

is there any Feng Shui taboo for placing plants in the bedroom

if the space in the bedroom is not large enough and the air is not circulating, it is not suitable to place too many plants

  1. Millennium wood

as long as you pay a little attention to it, it can grow for a long time and bring high-quality air. In terms of inhibiting harmful substances, other plants are difficult to compare with Millennium wood. The leaves and roots can absorb xylene, toluene, trichloroethylene, benzene and formaldehyde and decompose them into non-toxic substances

light conditions: neutral plants, suitable for planting in half shade

required maintenance: keep the basin soil moist, and frequent fertilization

can remove: toluene, xylene, benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde

2 Ivy

Ivy can effectively resist carcinogens in nicotine. Through the tiny pores on the leaves, Ivy can absorb harmful substances and convert them into harmless sugars and amino acids

light conditions: neutral plants, suitable for planting in half shade

maintenance required: keep the basin soil moist and apply fertilizer regularly

can remove: formaldehyde and nicotine

3 White palms

White palms inhibit the exhaust gases exhaled by the human body, such as ammonia and acetone ” Experts ” ;. At the same time, it can also filter benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde in the air. Its high evaporation rate can prevent the drying of nasal mucosa and greatly reduce the possibility of disease

light conditions: shade loving plants, suitable for warm, cloudy and humid environment

maintenance required: keep the basin soil moist and apply fertilizer regularly, and the leaves need to be sprayed frequently

can remove: ammonia, acetone, benzene, trichloroethylene, formaldehyde

4 Chlorophytum

Chlorophytum placed in the narrow space of bathroom, windowsill or shelf is very eye-catching. Its slender and beautiful branches and leaves can effectively absorb the formaldehyde released by curtains and fully purify the air. The natural drooping branches and leaves of Chlorophytum are very beautiful. When the branches and leaves are lush, it will occasionally rotate slightly. And taking care of it is not complicated at all”lt;/ p

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