What should I pay attention to in Feng Shui in Li juming’s kitchen

The kitchen is not only a very important functional area in the home, but also an indispensable area in our home life, and the kitchen is still in charge of the family’s three meals a day, so the feng shui of the kitchen is bound to be related to the health of the family and the wealth of the home. For the sake of the health of the family and better wealth, you might as well know more about the feng shui of the kitchen, So what should I pay attention to in Feng Shui in Li juming’s kitchen? Let’s take a look at what the relevant articles say

What are the contents and taboos of Feng Shui in Li juming’s kitchen? Pay attention to

the door in the kitchen cannot be opposite to the door in the home. The door belongs to the place where the evil spirit enters and exits. In addition, if the door forms a straight line with the kitchen, there will be ” Piercing the heart ” ; Moreover, such a pattern is easy to hurt the body of the whole family, which represents that the wealth of the family comes and goes

the orientation of the stove in the kitchen is very important. The orientation should not face the door. You can sit evil to good. That is, in the layout of the home, the orientation of the stove should be the orientation of your life, such as ” Yang Mingjin Xiangren ” ; The preferred orientation is due north, so the orientation in due north should be the orientation of the stove mouth, which will be conducive to the magnetic field of the kitchen

the stove in the kitchen should not be placed under the beam. The beam is easy to restrain people’s luck. Generally, the hostess’s body will often be affected at home, and the orientation of the stove should not be opposite to the faucet, otherwise it will form Feng Shui incompatible with water and fire, which is easy to have disputes over right and wrong

the refrigerator or some cutting tools in the kitchen should be placed in the same way, and the refrigerator should not be relative to the stove. The cutting tools should be placed in the fierce position of the white tiger on the right side of the kitchen, so that this Feng Shui pattern can suppress the evil spirit and stabilize the magnetic field of the kitchen. It is suggested to place a ” Seven Star Ping’an Town ” ; It can professionally dissolve the ferocity of the kitchen

attention should be paid to the contents of Feng Shui in Li juming’s kitchen

1. Kitchen taboos and toilet hedging

Feng Shui in the kitchen door is also stressed at home. The kitchen’s five acts of fire in Feng Shui are the most important place of fire, while the toilet’s five acts of water in Feng Shui. If water and fire are hedged in Feng Shui, it will cause incompatibility and lead to disputes between right and wrong in the family, And people’s health and fortune will also be affected

2. The orientation of the kitchen

the orientation is generally from sitting evil to auspicious. The kitchen is generally recommended to be placed in the south. The South position is a fiery orientation, which is equivalent to the evil position of the house. The choice of auspicious position can be determined according to the fate of the owner, for example, the owner is ” ; Yang life and fire face each other ” The preferred location is the southwest, so it will be very conducive to the Feng Shui magnetic field of Shengwang kitchen

3. Decoration color of the kitchen

the kitchen is a place with heavy fire, so try to avoid red or too heavy color. White is a common color in Feng Shui, which is conducive to alleviating the fire in the kitchen. Of course, it is also beneficial to choose green or light gray. After all, cold color will flourish the color of the kitchen and prosper the good luck of the house

4. Kitchen taboos are in the northwest and due west

Northwest and due west directions. In fact, in Feng Shui, they all belong to evil spirit and heavy Feng Shui. If the kitchen is set in these two positions, the family’s respiratory system, throat and lungs are often prone to adverse health. Moreover, northwest and due west are taboos in Feng Shui. In addition to the kitchen, other rooms also try to avoid this direction

detailed discussion on Feng Shui in Li juming’s kitchen analysis

generally speaking, Chinese people pay great attention to diet, but some people don’t pay attention to whether the kitchen environment is clean. They often stack a lot of unnecessary sundries in the kitchen, so that the kitchen becomes narrow, dark and humid. Such an environment is most likely to breed mosquitoes, become a hotbed for disease brewing, and pose a great threat to human health. Therefore, in daily life, it is very important to keep the kitchen clean

of course, in daily life, cleaning the kitchen is more troublesome. Oil, rust, vegetable juice and so on are difficult to deal with; Walls, countertops, washing, pots and pans, leftovers and leftovers should be cleaned up in all aspects. It is indeed a cumbersome work

it can be done according to the following points:

1. The walls of the kitchen should choose wall materials that are easy to clean and not easy to be stained with oil, and also have the functions of fire resistance, heat deformation resistance and so on. There is a lot of oil smoke in the kitchen, especially Chinese people like frying and pay attention to ” Furnace gas, As a result, the oil fume stains in the kitchen are difficult to remove. Therefore, the surface material of the four walls should have good anti oil stain and anti oil smoke ability, so as to keep the surface clean for a long time

2. The kitchen should adopt the arrangement equipment dominated by range hood and supplemented by ventilator. In this way, the range hood should be installed on the stove first. At the same time, install a ventilator on the ceiling or window to assist in ventilation, so as to eliminate the oil fume out of the window as soon as possible and keep the kitchen clean and dry

3. The kitchen is the space with the most sundries in the residence, and its practicability and safety should be considered when storing. The unnecessary sundries in the kitchen should be removed as far as possible. Never treat the kitchen as a sundry room, otherwise it will not only hinder the view, but also breed bacteria easily

4. Kitchenware should have the ability to resist pollution, especially the function of preventing cockroaches, mice, ants, bacteria and other contaminated food, so as to ensure the internal quality of the whole kitchen. In addition, modern family kitchens should also be equipped with detoxification cabinets, food waste crushers and other equipment

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