How to do without a bed

The situation that the bedside is not reliable is more common in modern homes. Some families think that the bedroom is relatively large and put the bed in the middle of the bedroom to show style. In fact, this is bad feng shui. Because there is no backer at the head of the bed, and people don’t feel secure when they sleep, mainly because there are many difficulties and obstacles at work, and there is no help at the critical time

the solution to the problem that the bedside is not reliable is to move the bed to the wall. If the position of the bed cannot be moved due to other arrangements, you can artificially create a backer, such as widening the bedside, using the bedside table on both sides, and placing stones or paperweights on the bedside table, which can temporarily play a role in dispelling evil spirits, but the most fundamental method is to reasonably divide the space area of the bedroom and try to make the bedside close to the wall

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