How to put the table at home is conducive to health

In terms of location, the placement of the dining table should be convenient for people to move around and use. We should pay attention to the following points: it is not suitable to face the door directly. If it is unavoidable, we can consider using the porch or screen to cover it, so as to prevent people from facing the dining table directly, which is not very elegant; The dining table should not be directly facing the toilet door, so as to avoid the dirty Yin Qi gathered in the toilet from entering the body when people eat, resulting in uncoordinated smell and affecting the eating

① the dining table should not be directly rushed by the door: residential Feng Shui pays attention to ” Like whirling, don’t rush ” , If there is an attack, it will lead to the easy release of the vitality of residents, and feng shui will be greatly affected. If the dining table is in line with the door, you can see a family eating outside the door. That’s not appropriate. It’s best to move the dining table. However, if there is really no place to move, a screen or board wall should be placed as a shelter, which can not only avoid the door directly facing the dining table, but also avoid being disturbed by people

② the dining table must not be directly flushed by the toilet door: the toilet is regarded as ” Out of filth ” ; Therefore, the more hidden it is, the better. For example, aligning the dining table often leads to poor health of the family

if the dining table is in direct contact with the toilet door, it is best to move the dining table to another position as soon as possible. If it is really impossible to remove it, we should put a small water tray in the middle of the dining table and soak the iron tree head or transport bamboo with water, so as to resolve it

③ the dining table should not be directly rushed by the door: the dining table is the place where a large and small family gather to eat. It must be quiet and stable before they can enjoy three meals a day. If there is a direct way, it will not only damage Feng Shui, but also make the family unhappy. If the restaurant has multiple channels, it is like being in a whirlpool, and the whole body is not smooth, so we must try our best to improve it

④ candle chandeliers should not be used on the dining table. Some chandeliers are composed of several candle shaped tubes. Although the design is novel and has a high ornamental price, if they are hung on the dining table, it is like stacking wax candles of different lengths on the dining table, which is by no means a good omen. Because the white candle is a symbol of funeral, the consequences of putting it in a place where people eat together can be imagined. Therefore, we must try our best to avoid it, but candles of other colors are OK

⑤ the dining table should not have sharp corners. The dining table is most forbidden to have sharp corners. The more sharp the angle is, the sharper the urination is. Because the triangular table will lead to family discord, the health of the family will be damaged, and the prismatic table will lead to money leakage. As for those wavy water-shaped dining tables, although they are inconsistent with the tradition, they can be reluctantly selected because they have no sharp corners

⑥ the dining table should be flat rather than inclined. The roof facing the dining table should be flat and intact. If there is a beam pressing the top, or it is located under the stairs, or the roof is inclined, it will be harmful to the health of the family. Beam capping is a taboo of Feng Shui. It is unlucky to have beam capping anywhere in the house, especially on the bed, sofa, dining table and stove. We must try our best to avoid it

after putting the dining table, the chair should not be ” Lights ” ; Pressure, because when someone is sitting, it becomes a lamp pressure head, which affects the activity of their thinking

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