The gate is facing the window. Will the door leak money

“Eight House mirror” has a cloud: ” There is no good or bad luck in a house, and the door is good or bad” ; “Thirty debates” also says: ” Those who attach the most importance to the gate of the Yangzhai take the gate as the air outlet” ; Therefore, the door, like a person’s mouth, is very important, affecting the good and bad luck of house transportation

it has different effects on different buildings and objects. Therefore, the decoration of various objects outside or inside the door, the color and pattern of the doorway all have an impact on Feng Shui

Mrs. Xu has been very worried about one thing recently. She learned from her friends that if the door of the house is in line with the window, it will be bad luck. Mrs. Xu, who was originally reasonable, has never paid much attention to these things, but the problem is that since they moved into the house, their economic situation is indeed much worse than before. After thinking about it, it really makes her uneasy

at the fate meeting, she met a female student of the author, and the students asked her questions to the author

the gate is a necessary place for the whole house. When the gate is located in Kyrgyzstan, the wind and air blown through the gate belong to auspicious. When aligning windows, if there are not too many windows, the impact is not too great; However, if there are many and large windows, this auspicious atmosphere can not be gathered in the house. Therefore, it will affect the transportation of houses. Naturally, the goods closely related to people are money, so it is not conducive to wealth. Many modern residential designs have made this mistake, so how should we solve it

as long as you plant some plants in front of the window, you can stop good luck from slipping out. If the family’s wealth is really damaged by this, the wealth will improve soon after the plants are placed

but when planting plants, do not choose plants with thorns

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