House color decoration feng shui knowledge

Color to people, vision can convey the sense of mind. Generally, bright colors can be used for the upper and lower walls of the ceiling and the upper part of the wall panel, while dark colors are used for the lower part of the wall panel and the ground, making people feel that the indoor center of gravity is stable; It can be seen that house decoration color Feng Shui needs to be clearly distinguished. Special attention should be paid to the wedding room color. Do not blindly pursue festivity and use bright red. It should be mainly soft colors and simple layout. Too bright colors are easy to make people feel tired, which is not conducive to better rest

house decoration color Feng Shui

House color decoration feng shui knowledge

living room

yellow in the living room can make your thoughts clear and your mood calm and stable. Therefore, for those who want to practice, study or rest, yellow is a steady and quiet color, which is also helpful to health. Use a large area of yellow in the room according to ” Fire generates Soil ” ; In principle, you might as well decorate some red and purple Series in the room


restaurant blue makes people relaxed and happy. Decorating the restaurant with blue can improve the visual space, make people happy and healthy. Born in October or November of the lunar calendar, the five elements belong to water, and blue also belongs to water, according to ” Aquatic Wood ” ; Therefore, we choose wooden family decoration activities, such as repainting the restaurant, making wooden frames and placing small flowers and plants, which are most suitable for future physical and mental development


according to the five element principle, red should be used in the south of the bedroom, and the rest of the walls are best used for decoration. At the same time, some green or cyan decorations can be appropriately matched. People with more fire in the life grid can use blue or black to decorate


kitchen green is the power in charge of health and family transportation. At the same time, green plants also beautify the room. If more green plants are planted at home, it can not only cultivate temperament and cultivate self-cultivation, but also improve the health of the family and the good luck of the family. It is a lucky thing with the best of both worlds. If the kitchen space is too high, you can use dignified dark treatment to make it look not so high; For rooms that are too small, use bright colors and light tones to create a sense of spaciousness and comfort. Fully lit kitchens can be decorated with cool colors to avoid getting hotter in summer when the sun is strong

House color eight house decoration Feng Shui

the living room of dry house (the house sits in the northwest and the gate faces southeast) must be bright, and a large number of white series shall be used as far as possible. If so, the residents will be more intelligent and beautiful; If the dark tone is more than half of the four sides, it will make the residents stupid and be more unfavorable to men

the living room of the house (the house sits in the West and the gate faces east) should be bright and suitable, that is, the white tone should not exceed three-quarters of the area on all sides or there are three large windows, otherwise the family may be dominated by women, which will damage the potential crisis of husbands or men

the living room of Gen house (the house sits in the northeast and the gate faces southwest) should not be too wide. It is better to use white, earthy yellow and coffee

too much space should not be left in the living room away from the house (the house sits in the South and the gate is to the North), otherwise it is easy to attract fire and lawsuit

the living room of Kan house (the house sits in the north and the gate is to the South) should adopt more quiet and cold colors, otherwise it is bad for money

the living room of Kun house (the house sits in the southwest and the gate faces the northeast) should be equipped with more equipment, and the furniture should be made of heavy materials, mostly in yellow or log color series, avoiding narrow

the living room of Xun house (the house is difficult to sit in the East and the gate faces the northwest) should be shallow and wide. It is better to use green series and more flowers and trees for decoration

the living room of Zhonggong house (the house sits in the East and the gate faces west) can be set freely, but the yellow series must be used to unify the whole room

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