What’s particular about placing lighting and Feng Shui

The placement of lighting will also affect the fortune of Feng Shui. When choosing lighting, many people do not pay attention to the problem of Feng Shui. The placement of lighting will have a great impact on their families. Then, what is the stress of Feng Shui in placing lighting? , and what matters need to be paid attention to? Let’s take a look at the stress of placing lighting and Feng Shui

“gt; if the lights in the living room should be placed high enough in the living room “lt;

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“gt; “gt; the lights in the living room should be placed high enough, Lighting with the same elements shall be used as far as possible to maintain the coordination of the overall style. If the living room area is large, the lighting can be used to divide the area. Warm chandeliers can be used on the dining table to create a warm dining atmosphere, a dimming floor lamp can be placed next to the sofa, and several small spotlights can be installed on the display frame. Small spotlights, chandeliers or ceiling lamps can be installed in the porch corridor, and fluorescent lamps and downlights can be installed according to the style of the ceiling to improve the situation of poor daylighting

2. How to use the light in the living room to make money

the use of light is very important in the feng shui of Yangzhai. The bright living room means that noble people are prosperous, so try not to use fluorescent lights or white lights in the living room. It’s best to use yellow lights, that is, halogen lights. Halogen lamps can not only bring people a warm and harmonious feeling, but also bring great popularity and wealth. Also, if several corners of the living room are immovable, it indicates that there is a wealth position at home, which should be carefully arranged and used. It is suggested that a lamp must be installed to illuminate this wealth position. Proper use of lights to improve the magnetic field at home can not only enlarge the sense of space, but also prevent villains from damaging wealth

3. Number of lamps

the odd number of lamps in the home is better, but when the spotlight is illuminated in a flat row, you should pay attention not to use three lamps side by side, so as not to form a bad meaning similar to three incense

4. Selection of lighting in different rooms

the functions of each room are different, and the selected lighting is also different. Feng Shui theory stresses ” Bright hall and dark room, It is said that the light in the living room should be bright, while the light in the bedroom should be darker

1. Living room: the light in the living room should be sufficient. Too dim light will affect the owner’s career development. The choice of lamps and lanterns on the ceiling of the living room is very important. It is best to use circular chandeliers or ceiling lamps, because the circle has the meaning of perfect service. The light color of the living room should be bright, and the light should be evenly scattered in the living room. The living room is dark, and it’s easy to be dark in some places. In this case, it is best to hide fluorescent lamps in the wooden grooves on the four sides of the ceiling to supplement the light. Such light is refracted from the ceiling, soft and not dazzling

2. Bedroom: the bedroom is a place for people to rest and conserve energy, so the light color must be soft and will not make people feel dazzling, which is conducive to people’s sleep

3. Kitchen: the light color of the kitchen should be white and cold, because the kitchen needs to cook food and fire will be used. In order to maintain the balance of yin and Yang in the kitchen, the light color of the kitchen should be cold and balanced with the fire in the kitchen

4. Bathroom: the light color of the bathroom should be warm yellow soft light, because there is more water in the bathroom and the Yin is heavier, so it should be balanced with warm color lights

5. Study: it’s best to use fluorescent lamps in the study, which will make people excited and improve work efficiency

6. Restaurant: as a place for eating, the restaurant should be bright and warm

7. Porch: the light color of the porch should be particularly bright, because the porch is the air inlet of the house, so we must keep the light bright. The lamps of the porch can choose spotlight, downlight and ceiling lamp, as long as they can maintain sufficient light

Feng Shui selection and taboos of bedroom lamps and lanterns good luck, such as flashing lights

I. Feng Shui selection and precautions of bedroom lamps and lanterns

1. Light source color in Feng Shui of bedroom lamps and lanterns: white is better

the color of light source in Feng Shui of bedroom lamps and lanterns is generally white, yellow light source is better for wealth, and red light source is prohibited. The white light source is suitable for people’s living habits. The yellow light source attracts wealth. Because yellow is earth in the five elements and earth generates gold, it has the meaning of attracting wealth. Red light source should not be used, which is easy to make people anxious. If it is placed at the head of the bed, it is easy for the husband and wife to cheat

2. Location installation of bedroom lamps and lanterns

the installation location of lamps and lanterns in bedroom lamps and lanterns in Feng Shui should not be installed at the head of the bed and above the bed. On the one hand, it brings inconvenience to sleep, and there is the saying that lamps press the bed above, which gives people mental pressure

3. Selection of lamp style in Feng Shui of bedroom lamps

the style of bedroom lamps needs to be considered and selected in all aspects. In addition to meeting the home design style, its shape needs to be considered. Lamps with too many edges and corners cannot be selected. Good lamps can bring good luck and prosperity

4. Number of Feng Shui lamps in bedroom lamps

there are still differences between bedroom lamps and living room lamps, because the living room lighting should be bright and more lamps can be installed. Bedroom lamps and lanterns should avoid three lamps side by side, and the odd number is generally preferred

5. Selection of lamps in different rooms in Feng Shui of bedroom lamps

the functions of each room in Feng Shui of bedroom lamps are different, and the decoration of lamps is also different” Bright hall and dark room ” ; It means that the light in the living room should be bright and the light in the bedroom should be slightly darker. Bedroom lighting must be soft, not too dazzling, conducive to sleep

II. Feng Shui taboos for bedroom lamps

the selection of Feng Shui for bedroom lamps needs to consider color, style, quantity, etc., so what are the taboos for Feng Shui for bedroom lamps

1. The shape is strange and harmful

the shape of lighting should be round and square. The lighting with strange shape will have a bad meaning in Feng Shui and be harmful to the host

2. The chandelier directly above the bed and sofa is easy to form a light brake

the chandelier is installed directly above the bed and sofa. Over time, it is easy to cause diseases such as cerebral neurasthenia, and it is also easy to cause diseases in female gynecology

3. Dark hall and bright room, inside and outside upside down

the living room should be bright and the bedroom should be a little darker, which is the truth we all know; But some people ignore this when designing. Cause ” Dark hall and bright room, inside and outside upside down ” ; The situation. Too dim living room lighting will affect the owner’s career development; Bright bedroom lights will make people feel dazzling, which is not conducive to family rest and relaxation

in fact, there are many factors. In fact, Feng Shui is considered on the basis of science. As long as you consider the arrangement scientifically, you will not make Feng Shui taboo

how to place home lighting to improve Feng Shui fortune

Part1: avoid disaster and pursue good fortune, understand the Feng Shui role of lighting

in addition to lighting and decoration, lighting will also play an indispensable role in family Feng Shui with its unique shape, color or special position. Understanding the Feng Shui function of lighting is helpful to avoid disasters and pursue good fortune, reconcile Yin and Yang at home and avoid unnecessary bad luck

1. Lighting has the function of reducing evil spirit

lighting can dissolve bad magnetic field. The dark and humid corridor in the room is easy to produce a gloomy feeling. Using a bright red light can reduce its bad magnetic field

2. Alleviate the beam capping

in some rooms, if the beam capping cannot be covered by decoration, wall lamps can be installed at both ends under the beam to alleviate the psychological pressure caused by beam capping with upward lighting

3. Filling lack of angle

there is an inevitable lack of angle in modern house types. Some house types have serious lack of angle, which has a serious impact on the fate of residents. At home ” Missing angle ” ; Install bright lamps to fill ” Missing angle ” ; The effect of

4. Enhance the relationship between husband and wife

the moderate lighting in the bedroom increases the romantic mood and warm atmosphere, which can promote the relationship between husband and wife

Part2: pay attention to lighting colors in color selection Feng Shui

for the needs of decoration, the colors of lighting are diverse. However, when we face so many choices, we should carefully consider, not just from whether it looks good to buy. Lamps of different colors have different effects on our Feng Shui. If you choose the right one, good luck will come

1. Overall: warm color with white light

because the home is dominated by Yang, the lighting color should also be dominated by warm light. Home feng shui generally pays attention to the use of light color, that is, the change and application of color between cold and warm. Color matching the five elements at home focus on the matching of cold and warm. Among the seven colors of red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple, red, orange and yellow light sources are warm light sources, while green, green, blue and purple are cold light sources. Cold light sources give people a mysterious and dreamy feeling. It is mainly Yang Qi, with an appropriate amount of white light source around, which is most suitable for people to live

2. Red: the bedroom is far away from the red light

in the bedroom, it is generally inappropriate to choose the red light and neon light with large flicker for decoration, which is easy to cause restlessness. Some newlyweds, in order to increase romance, press a red light bulb on the head of the bed or on the dresser, which is a big taboo, which is easy to lead to one or both cheating; There is a red light in the child’s bedroom. Children are easy to be impatient and have precocious and puppy love

3. Yellow: the light of fortune. The yellow light

the five elements of yellow belong to the earth. From the perspective of the five elements, the earth produces gold, which also determines the meaning of fortune. So many people like to install a yellow light at home in order to make money

4. Pink: peach blossom lamp

pink crystal has the effect of attracting peach flowers. The light of pink crystal chandelier can boost energy and give play to dual effects

Part3: create a good number of Feng Shui lighting styles. Pay attention to the style of

lighting should be coordinated with home design, so as not to bring a strange feeling and affect mood. While coordinating, we should also understand the role of different styles on Feng Shui, because a good choice of decoration can also help transportation. Have an understanding of Feng Shui in your family. At the same time, we should pay more attention to the selection of lighting quantity. The more, the better, and we can’t put it at will

lighting style: classical lighting

has classical charm, simplicity and connotation. It plays the role of town and house, and can help the owner’s career

lighting style: fashion lighting

the design of fashion lighting is novel and has a strong sense of modernity, which is conducive to people’s progress and wealth

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