Crime prone home decoration Feng Shui

In recent years, juvenile violence has occurred from time to time in Chinese society. There are many reports of juvenile delinquency cases every day, including some malignant cases of quite serious nature. There are more and more ancient confused children, and parents are powerless. What’s wrong? Parents or society? There are both. In fact, there is also the pattern of home decoration Feng Shui , which is prone to crime

decoration Feng Shui prone to crime

review of home decoration Feng Shui cases prone to crime

both the murderer Xiao Wang and the victim Xiao Zhang are employees of a company, and the scene of the murder is the employee dormitory of the company. In fact, there is no deep hatred between Xiao Wang and Xiao Zhang. Just because there are six young men living in the dormitory of more than ten square meters, it is too narrow and crowded, so it is hard to avoid some stumbling at ordinary times. However, it was because of these trifles that Xiao Wang and Xiao Zhang formed a grudge. The introverted Xiao Wang has always felt humiliated by Xiao Zhang. He feels that he can’t fight Xiao Zhang and can’t escape from this environment. Beyond endurance, he went to extremes ” hellip” hellip;

from the point of view of Feng Shui, there are traces of the murder. The main problem with this dangerous house is that it is too crowded. In a room of more than ten square meters, there are three shelf beds with upper and lower bunks. There are six people living in it, and the average person is only two or three square meters. The whole room is almost occupied by beds, and there is little room for people to stand on the ground. In this case, Feng Shui regards it as excessive Yang and serious imbalance between yin and Yang, which is called great evil

for this overcrowding phenomenon, environmental psychology and Feng Shui have a very similar understanding. Environmental psychologists believe that everyone’s personal space is like an invisible bubble around the human body. This bubble moves with the movement of the human body and expands and contracts according to people’s different mood. It is also the minimum safe space range required by personal psychology (generally between 0.45-1.20 meters). If others invade and interfere with this safe space, it will cause people’s anxiety and anxiety, and even violence. If a person’s personal space is disturbed for a long time, it may even lead to extreme events

in the narrow staff dormitory, everyone’s personal space is far less than the safe space. These young men are vigorous, but due to the limited economic conditions, they must be trapped in the room every night. Therefore, they quarrel with each other and attack each other frequently. Sensitive and introverted young people like Xiao Wang, who live in an environment without personal safety space for a long time, can easily lead to extreme mental anxiety and anxiety, leading to extreme events

bedroom decoration starts with Feng Shui to curb and eliminate the germination of crime from childhood

1. If we can choose, we’d better not choose houses with special shapes, especially triangular houses, which is extremely unfavorable to the growth of teenagers

2. In the layout of the house, it is better not to place the child’s bedroom in the Mars position and the lone star position of the home. Because Mars belongs to fire, children living in this position for a long time will be disobedient and difficult to manage and teach; The lone star belongs to the earth. Children living in this location are easy to be lonely, unsociable and have poor interpersonal relationships

3. In the layout of children’s bedrooms, the following situations should also be avoided:

the wall of children’s bedrooms should not be pasted with pictures of warriors fighting ” mdash” mdash; Avoid the mentality of fighting bravely and ruthlessly in children’s mind

it’s better to use less red in children’s bedroom, otherwise children are easy to be irritable and restless

how to preserve the integrity of the family in the Feng Shui layout of home decoration

the master bedroom should preferably be located in a lucky star position that is beneficial to the family’s financial fortune, helps to enhance the relationship between husband and wife, harmonious marriage and happy family. The master bedroom should not be located in an unfavorable position, so as not to affect the relationship between husband and wife. After a long time, there will be marital problems. Material conditions give children the psychological preparation to live at home. A complete and happy family and parental care are the necessary guarantee for children’s happy and healthy growth

crime and punishment, teenagers swallow the bitter fruit, and parental education accounts for a large factor. Why are the rich second generation so rampant? Who gave them leopard courage, and their parents gave it, but encountered ” Dangerous house ” , That is, the pattern of home decoration Feng Shui that will trigger criminal consciousness will also trigger mines

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