How many do you know about the 20 taboos of Feng Shui in new house decoration

There are 20 Feng Shui taboos in the decoration of new houses. We should have a certain understanding of each Feng Shui taboo. After all, no matter which Feng Shui taboo we touch, it will form a bad feng shui atmosphere and lead to the deterioration of Feng Shui at home. So before decorating a new house, you might as well know some of the 20 Feng Shui taboos about the decoration of a new house

taboo 1: the arch is shaped like a tombstone, and the Yin is too heavy, which is unfavorable to Feng Shui. Therefore, the door of the home cannot be designed in the shape of an arch

taboo 2: too weak light will lead to too heavy Yin in the home, so pay attention to daylighting, ventilation and lighting during decoration

taboo 3: irregular rooms will form an unlucky atmosphere, so the bedroom space must be regular and square. If the bedroom pattern is irregular, Feng Shui is not good

taboo 4: the pattern of the introduction foresight toilet violates the stress of Feng Shui and touches the taboo of Feng Shui. Such decoration will lead to the decline of family fortune

taboo 5: door flush is a very unlucky pattern and a taboo in Feng Shui, so there can be no two opposite patterns in new house decoration

taboo 6: the kitchen is a small Treasury, which is related to financial luck. If the kitchen pattern is irregular and square, it will damage Feng Shui and financial luck

taboo 7: the area of the living room cannot be smaller than that of the bedroom. If the area of the living room is too small, Feng Shui is bad

taboo 8: the top of the beam affects not only the mood of the family, but also the Feng Shui aura of the home

taboo 9: the color of the bedroom is dazzling, which will be unfavorable to the feng shui of the bedroom and affect the sleep and health of the family

taboo 10: thorny plants placed at home will affect the feelings of family members

taboo 11: if a large hanging picture is placed above the head of the bed, it will oppress the nerves of the family, causing the family to be jumpy and difficult to sleep

taboo 12: there are no windows in the toilet, which will affect the ventilation of the toilet, lead to foul gas in the toilet, hide dirt and accept dirt, and finally only affect the family transportation

taboo 13: kitchen and bathroom are taboos in Feng Shui

taboo 14: doors and windows are opposite, which will form a heart piercing evil. Such a pattern and evil spirit are not conducive to Feng Shui and gathering wealth

taboo 15: the corridor of the home is too long. It will be cut across the whole home and divided into two. This pattern is also a taboo of Feng Shui

taboo 16: stacking sundries under the bed is the key to affecting your health

taboo 17: having a toilet in the bedroom is bad for Feng Shui in the bedroom

taboo 18: the location of the restaurant cannot face the door of the home. Such decoration will only affect wealth and family feelings

No. 19: warm light is conducive to emotional harmony. White light is too cold, so white light is forbidden to be used in the bedroom

taboo 20: do not have sharp corners indoors. Sharp corners destroy Feng Shui at home and feelings with family

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