Feng Shui Encyclopedia of home decoration

In Feng Shui, we all know that decoration Feng Shui accounts for a major part. What is the Feng Shui problem in home decoration? Let’s take a look at the following articles

Feng Shui Encyclopedia of home decoration

What are the Feng Shui problems of home decoration

Feng Shui problems of home decoration: Feng Shui in the living room

from the perspective of space, the moving line of the living room should be the most open-minded, and the vision at a glance makes people open-minded, so it is not suitable to see the door and back door at the entrance, otherwise there will be ” Forward and out” Unable to gather wealth ” ;; In addition, the aisle should also avoid running straight or horizontally through the whole living room. This kind of family appearance just corresponds to an popular saying ” Before and after, people and money are empty ”

home decoration Feng Shui problem: Toilet Feng Shui

when the bathroom is decorated, the door is not suitable for facing the kitchen. As the saying goes, water leaves no wealth. If the bathroom is opposite to the kitchen door, it will form ” Sheung Shui ” ; Penetration ” Launching ” ; The pattern is unfavorable to wealth

home decoration Feng Shui problem: Kitchen Feng Shui

kitchen decoration should sit to auspicious, which is the basic principle of kitchen decoration, which is conducive to the health of family members and the harmonious relationship between husband and wife. In terms of kitchen furnishings, it must be placed in a fixed and accurate position. The washing machine cannot be placed in the kitchen, nor can it wash clothes in the kitchen, because the kitchen is where the kitchen king is, and the sacred place. Cleaning unclean clothes will affect the fate

home decoration Feng Shui problem: bedroom Feng Shui

in the process of bedroom decoration, it should be noted that the bedroom door can not face the mirror. Otherwise, it may lead to disharmony and mental weakness between the Lord and his wife. At the same time, the bedroom door can not face the head of the bed to prevent neuralgia and headache. The head of the bed cannot lean against the bathroom wall to prevent back pain and rheumatic pain. Beds are not suitable to be placed under beams and columns to prevent nervousness

home decoration Feng Shui problem: the study Feng Shui

the study should be selected in the prosperous position at home. The bookcase in the study should not be too high and the desk should not feel oppressive. The desk should not be placed under the beam. At the same time, the light in the study should not be too strong, too many electrical appliances and too many portraits, so as to avoid mental confusion

home decoration Feng Shui problem: balcony Feng Shui

if the balcony faces south, it should be ” The smoke comes from the South ” ; It is said that the warm and pleasant fumigation can intoxicate people, which is also excellent in Feng Shui. The decoration of the balcony does not need to be too publicized. It is better to be fresh and clean. It is necessary to keep it clean and tidy and do not stack sundries. The wall and ground on the side of the balcony can be decorated and beautified, and some fresh and pleasant decorations with charm can be put. Flowers and plants can also be planted on the balcony to create a small garden space, which is beneficial to the prosperity of Feng Shui at home

bad luck in home decoration Feng Shui

1. There are too many mirrors at home

mirrors in Feng Shui, it is very cold and easy to attract evil. If there are too many mirrors at home, it will cause the husband and wife to consume money, that is to say, the couple is very luxurious and flashy. If they buy a lot of things they don’t want, their expenses will exceed their income, Over time, the family’s economy may be getting worse and worse

2. The door post and door leaf are bent or broken

the door post is the four pillars of the door, and the door leaf is the door itself. The door post or door leaf is a little bent or broken, which means that the God of wealth doesn’t come in, but the God of poverty comes in

3. The stove or rice cooker breaks

some people are too lazy to lose the stove or rice cooker when it breaks, but in Feng Shui, it will make you never turn over, and the God of wealth won’t find you

4. Walls with tiles in bedrooms

tiles at home should generally be used in the toilet and kitchen, but in some bedrooms, they can’t paste tiles directly, because the tiles will fall off, which also means that the financial games at home are bad

5. The couple’s bed is on three sides against the wall

some people probably save space and will make the bed on three sides against the wall, but such furnishings will make the sleeper feel imprisoned inside, and the bedroom represents the dark wealth position. The wealth position is imprisoned, of course, the finance and accounting can’t come in

6. There is a river passing through the residence

many rich people like to build houses on the river because they think such a design is very poetic, but in fact, in terms of Feng Shui, the residence is absolutely not suitable for flowing water, which will make the family lose money seriously

7. Putting flowers at the head of the bed is easy to commit peach blossom

both husband and wife will have an affair. Over time, they will go their separate ways and their families will be broken

8. The bed is too close to the glass window

it is empty and has no basis, so it can’t be down-to-earth, which affects the development of the career. In modern metropolis, there are often buildings in front of the building, behind the building and beside the building. The bed is too close to the window, so that the bedroom can not maintain its privacy well; In addition, as the city becomes more and more complicated, annoying noise will pass through this not too thick glass window and affect your sleep” There are many dreams under the window ” ; My statement has also been fulfilled in my practice. According to previous Feng Shui books, lying in bed too close to the window can easily lead to ” Red apricots come out of the wall ” , There is such a saying

9. The bedside mirror is embedded to provoke ghosts

the owner often has headaches and insomnia. Romance should emphasize principles and Feng Shui, but it can’t affect health because of romance. Many young people decorate their houses in an unconventional way. Who doesn’t know that things are in order, and the contrary is implicated

10. Bedroom furniture should not be used unevenly

unevenness represents disharmony, and long-term residence is prone to quarrel and trouble

door Feng Shui of home decoration

1. Seeing the red when opening the door means that you can see the red screen, totem or screen wall as soon as you open the door. Because in China, red represents festivity, it gives people a sense of jubilation and warmth as spring

2. Green at the first sight means red flowers and green leaves can be seen as soon as you enter the gate. Science has proved that green vision is the largest and can make the whole space full of vitality, so it can give people a feeling of vibrant business, instantly relieve emotions and relieve stress

3. Open the door at first sight ” Blessing, It means that you can see elegant ” as soon as you enter the house; Blessing ” ; Word, open to blessing, does not refer to a specific ” Blessing ” ; Word, a pleasing picture or handicraft of white clouds, blue sky, streams and running water can also be used, because it mainly reflects the cultural taste of the owner of the house and regulates the tense and tired mood

When you open the door, you should not open the stove before you see the door; Open the door to the stove and waste more money ” , The fire is so hot that wealth cannot enter

5. Don’t go to the toilet when you open the door, because the toilet is a dirty place, and the filthy atmosphere welcomes people, which is harmful to the health of the family. The reason is very simple. If people live in a filthy environment, they will certainly improve their chances of suffering from diseases

6. Don’t see the mirror when you open the door, because the mirror has the functions of collecting light, transforming evil spirits and avoiding evil spirits. If you reflect your auspicious Qi for a long time, it will lead to evil upper body, which will be detrimental to official career, financial fortune, study, etc

7. Don’t press the door with the beam. It means that once you enter the house, the main family can’t stand out. Looking at people’s eyes and opening the door to the beam all your life will bring people a depressed mood. If people are depressed, the atmosphere of decay is often disturbed. At least, they are negative and don’t want to make progress, at worst, they will hurt their hands and feet, and even have the tendency of suicide

8. Avoid entering the ghost gate, which means that the gate is made into an arch like a tombstone, which is similar to a shady house and will bring misfortune to the family. The design of the gate of a house is related to the luck of the family. The so-called cold door and expensive door

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