Stress on Feng Shui layout of small house decoration

In today’s big cities, with the rising house prices, many people have to choose small house types to live, and the decoration of small house types also needs to pay attention to Feng Shui; So in Feng Shui, what is the stress of decorating small house Feng Shui layout? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

pay attention to the Feng Shui layout of small house decoration

What are the stresses on the Feng Shui layout of small house decoration

small house buildings are common in some metropolises. Strive to buy a small house in a few years to complete their biggest dream. What are the common Feng Shui of small house? I hope white-collar workers pay more attention to the following problems

first of all, we should understand what is wind evil? Any wind that is unfavorable to people can be called wind evil. Like living in a narrow lane or at the end of a long lane, the air flow is easy to produce a narrow pipe effect, which makes people feel uncomfortable

or too tall buildings, because there is a lack of surrounding arches of buildings with similar heights around, forming isolated peaks. The wind blows like a sharp blade, and life is easy to fall into a cold situation

or the residence with small family space, because the space is small, if the window is opened large or the wind is strong, it will immediately fill the whole indoor space. These patterns can not hide the wind and gather Qi, which is bad luck in Feng Shui

the most important thing of small house type is to have good ventilation, because only when every room is ventilated, there will be smooth air (wealth gas) in the room. If it belongs to mild ventilation and good ventilation, it is ” Gathering wind and gas, It has the good fortune of smooth wealth and prosperous behavior. The gentle inflow of air and its circulation in the house can make our life smooth and unobstructed, and the opportunity to obtain wealth continues

it’s not good to have too much Feng Shui or not. If the wind and air flow are too fast and strong, they will fill the whole room, but ” Wind evil, It will cause people in the house to be tired of running for money, or lose their emotional and human side, which will bring harm. As a result, they will not get money and wealth

When the wind is small, the whole room will be full of wind and air, which will easily change when the wind is small

solution: try not to open the window or close the window to resolve the wind evil

selection skill: the house should be ventilated, but don’t let the strong wind sweep in as soon as you open the window. Therefore, when selecting small family houses, in addition to confirming that there must be a ventilation source, we should also be careful not to select houses that are easy to pour strong wind into the house

when looking at the house, remember to open the window and feel the ventilation personally. Whether the airflow enters the house gently or directly. And walk around every corner of the house to feel whether the air flow circulates smoothly in the house, whether there is a dead corner where the air flow cannot reach, or whether the air flow in a certain direction and corner is particularly strong, which makes people feel cold and uncomfortable. In fact, the choice of house type depends on people, and choosing what is suitable for yourself is the most important

Feng Shui layout knowledge of small house decoration pays attention to

small house houses have small indoor space and similar low vital capacity. If the door is in a straight line with the opposite door, and the distance between the doors is too close. In terms of house type Feng Shui, in case the indoor space of the opposite residents is larger than their own (large vital capacity), it means that the gas field of the door-to-door space will be sucked away by the opposite residents

when the living area of one’s own house is too small to be conducive to the feng shui of the house type, wouldn’t it be worse if the Qi field outside the gate is sucked away

think about it, the aura is robbed by others, and the opportunities representing life are often easily robbed by others. Such houses often have bad family Feng Shui, which leads to bad interpersonal relationships. It is more difficult for noble people to appear, let alone the development of work and career

for the current building structure and real estate developers, 99% of the house types are the same. So I’m afraid it’s not easy to find the house with the wrong door, so we need other ways to resolve this kind of house type Feng Shui

however, there is nothing difficult in the world. I’m afraid that people with a heart can often run several lots even if they are near the school or business district. Sometimes the affordable houses specially planned and built have more opportunities to find houses with different doors than commercial residential areas

everything is flexible. If you can’t find a small house with the wrong door, at least find one with a wide space between the two doors or a long distance between the two doors. In the feng shui of the house type, once the space distance is enlarged, even if the space of the opposite house is relatively large (large vital capacity), part of the gas field between the door-to-door between the two families will be absorbed, but it will not be completely absorbed. It can also leave some Feng Shui gas field for yourself

in this way, it can leave some favorable development space in interpersonal relationship; The opportunity for noble people to help is not completely cut off; Work and career can also be promoted. No matter how difficult the situation is, you can still get a glimmer of space and opportunity for survival from the cracks

if you are purchasing or renting an existing house, you should naturally give priority to these problems. Never choose a house with a toilet close to neimingtang, so as to avoid seeing the pattern of the toilet as soon as you enter the door. From the perspective of house type Feng Shui, when ” Neimingtang ” ; Meet ” Toilet ” ; When, the area in charge of wealth and fortune is occupied by the foul gas of the toilet, or the toilet door is open, and the direct conflict blocks the way of wealth. For people living in it, money and fortune must be in a mess, bad and bad to the end. It doesn’t matter if you can’t earn money due to lack of financial luck. It’s more likely that you often encounter bad things because of your bad luck, or you’re framed and blamed

if it is a future house, you should also pay attention to the design drawings and carefully avoid this taboo. If the pattern of the future house is so, it would rather spend a little more money and ask the real estate developer to modify the design drawing in advance and make minor adjustments in order to meet the Feng Shui conditions of a good house type

Feng Shui layout taboo for small house decoration

after buying a house, whether it is for rent or living by yourself, in short, the necessary decoration is still carried out. Whether you rent a house or live in your own humble abode, the decoration of Feng Shui can not be ignored. With the progress of the times, people have lost a lot of traditional things, but home feng shui has always been valued by people. Let’s take a look at the Feng Shui taboo of small house decoration shared by Fstips for you

door to door with the opposite family

what is a small house type? Of course, it refers to the home with small house space, which is like people’s aura. If the doors of two people are opposite and the aura of the opposite family is stronger than themselves, the aura between two families will be absorbed by the opposite family, which will have a great impact on their family’s fortune

influence of fortune

due to the small space of small house type, it is difficult to carry out the Feng Shui layout, which has a great impact on the whole household Feng Shui layout. If the aura outside the gate is absorbed by the people opposite, it will be worse for your family. Living in such a house, it is difficult to foresee dignitaries, and it is difficult to deal with interpersonal relationships well. It also has a great impact on your career. You often see opportunities in front of you, But easily taken away by others

  2. House selection tips

modern and popular apartments and buildings usually adopt this pattern. I’m afraid it’s difficult to find a house whose door is not right. But even if it is difficult, don’t give up. There may be houses that are not door-to-door near the school or business district. When selecting houses, you can run more lots, especially the nearby affordable houses, which may not be difficult

  3. Expediency

if this situation is a foregone conclusion, there are also some methods to avoid the influence of the opposite family, but it is only a temporary solution rather than a permanent cure. You can choose a small family home with the spacing between the two doors as large as possible, or at least have a wide space between the doors, so that the influence of the gas field between the two families will be relatively small. Even if one of them has a strong gas field, there will always be some left, In the future, there will be some favorable development space in the handling of interpersonal relations. Although there are many unpleasant things at work, there is still a glimmer of vitality in the cracks

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