Exquisite decoration of five elements Feng Shui

Feng Shui has been popular in China for a long time, because it has a great impact on us, so we will pay attention to Feng Shui in our life; So in Feng Shui, what is the stress of decorating five elements Feng Shui? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

stress on decorating the five elements of Feng Shui

stress on decorating the floor five elements of Feng Shui

1. Bedroom nourishing Feng Shui

the bedroom is like the liver of the human body. The five elements belong to wood, which is a place for every family to rest and sleep. The nature of wood has the characteristics of hair growth. The spleen of the liver is soft and comfortable, which is mainly used to relieve and promote hair, Therefore, it is the most appropriate to choose solid wood floor to decorate the bedroom floor. Solid wood floor not only has the highest environmental protection coefficient and comfortable foot feeling, but also adds a warm feeling. At the same time, it uses the natural color of wood, which is green and harmonious with liver qi. It is the best bedroom to nourish body and Feng Shui

II. Living room nourishing Feng Shui

the role of the living room in every home is no longer emphasized here. The living room is like the lung of the human body. The five elements belong to gold, and gold has the characteristics of clearing and convergence. It is smooth with clearing and lowering, and the lung controls breathing. It has the function of clearing, clearing, eliminating and lowering. Therefore, in the decoration of other villas, the main household appliances are placed in the living room. According to the household feng shui theory of five elements replenishing earth and generating gold, the floor with yellow is the best choice for the living room floor

III. study nourishing Feng Shui

the study is like the spleen of the human body. The spleen is the foundation of the day after tomorrow. Therefore, the five elements belong to the earth. They are earthy and thick. They are the mother of all things. They have the characteristics of Biochemistry and long-term nourishment of all things. The spleen can transport the essence of water and grain, is the source of biochemistry of Qi and blood, and has the power of nourishing the five zang organs, six Fu organs and all limbs. It can be seen that the study should be decorated with the best nourishing Feng Shui. Therefore, the study should choose a dark floor

IV. toilet nourishing Feng Shui

in villa decoration, the toilet is like a kidney and belongs to water. Black is the natural color of water. Black is calm. The bathroom is also a place for human body to collect privacy. If the bathroom is decorated with dark color materials, it is easy to make people calm and feel safe. The orientation should be located in the north, and floor materials such as wood grain bricks can be used for supplement

v. kitchen nourishing Feng Shui

the kitchen is the source of a family’s diet, which is equivalent to the heart of the human body, and the heart of the human body belongs to fire in the five elements, so the kitchen also belongs to fire in the five elements. It is not necessary to use red for kitchen utensils and decoration to avoid excessive fire and irritability, and the kitchen has water source. Therefore, considering comprehensively, the neutral tone floor is the best for the kitchen, In this way, the softness of water and the irritability of fire can be combined to achieve the best health preserving Feng Shui effect

the company pays attention to the decoration of five elements Feng Shui

in this world, all things in the world are confused, which always makes people feel confused. Ancient people had great wisdom and divided all things in the world into five categories: gold, wood, water, fire and earth. Everything can be explained by five elements. The distribution of the five elements is different, and the corresponding omens of evil and good luck are different

everything in the world operates according to the five elements, and the decoration of the company room should be based on this principle

the company room facing south is called kanzhai, which is usually called the so-called ” Shuizhai ” quot

water is soft, and its essence is to conceive and raise big fish and hide wind and gather Qi. Therefore, the layout of the office room should be arranged with a feeling of hiding without revealing and having another cave inside. If you open the window and let the north wind roar into the room in winter, it will cause big fish to flow away, thus impairing your wealth

the house from northeast to southwest is usually called Gen house, which is usually called the so-called ” Tuzhai ” quot

the characteristic of soil itself is that it is broad and thick, which can raise millions of plants in the world. Feng shui master Fang Xuan believes that the layout of the corresponding office should make people feel thick and generous at a glance. Working in such an environment will make people’s career develop very stably. If the layout of the office is narrow and sparse, it may feel nothing at first, but if it develops for a long time, the company’s business is likely to develop slowly

we call a house facing north and South away from the house. There is a saying among the five elements, which is called ” Huozhai ” quot

when arranging such an office, it should be noted that the color tone is preferably green. If the color tone is too shallow, the company may suffer a lawsuit and fall flat

What are the five elements in Feng Shui decoration?

I. wood: green, green and green series

Green five elements belong to wood. It is a stable and comfortable color, which is very popular in home decoration. Green symbolizes youth, liveliness, positivity and freedom. Natural green has certain positive effects on fainting, fatigue, nausea and negative emotions

II. Fire: red and purple series

red five elements belong to fire. It is a stimulating color, exciting and passionate. However, if red is used in a large area at home, it is easy to produce anxiety, physical and mental anxiety and fatigue

III. soil: gray, yellow and earthy yellow series

gray: gray five elements belong to soil. It is an extremely easy-going color with adaptability and diversity with any color. It can be regarded as the representative of intermediate color. Therefore, when the color matching is inappropriate, gray can be used to reconcile

IV. Gold: white and milky white series

White: white five elements belong to gold. When the color of indoor space is limited, you can choose white as the main color, which is conducive to the extension of vision

v. water: black and blue series

Blue: Blue five elements belong to water, which is a color that will make people daydream. In addition, it is also a very serious color. This strong color can hide the lack of other colors to some extent. It is a color with convenient matching. The blue environment also makes people feel elegant and quiet


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