What pictures are suitable for hanging at home

Modern people emphasize enjoyment, and the layout of home is meticulous. What kind of trade-offs can people who ask for auspiciousness make when buying hanging paintings? We can choose from the following:

one and nine fish charts ” mdash” mdash; The picture is painted with nine live fish” IX ” ; Take the meaning of a long time” Fish ” ; Take everything as you wish. Nine lovely fish are playing, which means good luck

diagram of two and three sheep ” mdash” mdash; The picture shows three sheep. Have you ever heard of ” Sanyo Qitai ” ; Word” Sheep ” ; Take its tone, ” Sheep ” ; Changed ” Yang Qi ” ; ” Yang, And ” Thai ” ; It is a divinatory symbol of blessing in the book of changes. The meaning of the picture of three sheep is auspicious, which can bring good luck

III. in addition to the auspicious accidents of animals such as fish and sheep, we can also consider ” A hundred birds flock to the Phoenix” Frogs splashing in the water” Monkey King offers Rui ” ” Hundred steeds ” ; Etc

IV. soft landscape painting ” mdash” mdash; For example: sunrise, lake and mountain scenery, peony, etc. Hanging in the hall, they can give you a relaxed and comfortable feeling when you come home tired every day

v. pictures of immortals and Buddhas can also be used. But remember to ask the face of the statue to be kind and peaceful

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