Kitchen Feng Shui pattern is not good, how to break

The kitchen is an important Feng Shui place in the house. There is a stove in the kitchen, and whether the stove is strong or not will determine the wealth in the house. In other words, if there is a problem with Feng Shui in the kitchen, the feng shui of the whole house may be unstable. Therefore, it is very important to avoid bad feng shui in the kitchen. What are the factors leading to the instability of Feng Shui in the kitchen

kitchen door hedging

this is a very common kind of kitchen bad feng shui. It refers to that the kitchen door is in a straight line with other doors in the home, which leads to the relative existence of the door, forming a conflicting Feng Shui pattern. The most serious one is the relative existence of the kitchen door and the bathroom door, because the five elements fire in the kitchen and the five elements water in the bathroom. If the two doors exist relatively, they will inevitably lead to the restriction of water and fire, and the instability of the five elements, which will affect the wealth and wind and water in the kitchen

water pipe leakage

if the faucet and water pipe continue to leak due to damage, it shows that the wealth in the kitchen cannot gather, but will not lose wealth with the passage of time. It can be said that it is the most typical wealth leakage Feng Shui in kitchen Feng Shui. You should know that water is a symbol of wealth in traditional Feng Shui. If there is continuous loss of water, it means that individuals may encounter bad luck

the sink is relative to the stove

that is, the stove and sink are in a straight line. Such a pattern will also lead to the five elements of water and fire in the kitchen, and the Feng Shui and Qi transportation cannot be stable. In this case, it is very difficult to maintain the stability of personal wealth, so the sink and stove must be placed in an L-shaped way to avoid bad luck

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