Will there be door-to-door at home

There are several door-to-door situations in the residence, including the front door facing the room door, the bedroom door facing the bedroom door, the kitchen door facing the bathroom door, and the front and rear doors of the residence facing each other. If two doors are opposite at home, it will affect the functional division. Different rooms will cause collision and pollution. For example, the toilet door and kitchen door should not be opposite to any other door, otherwise the foul gas and oil smoke will spread

if the doors of two bedrooms are opposite, it will affect each other’s privacy. Moreover, the door is relatively, and the air flow goes straight, which does not meet the Feng Shui requirements of storing wind and gathering gas

therefore, if there is a door-to-door phenomenon in the residence, some methods can be taken according to the actual situation. For example, there is a large space between the two doors, and some Feng Shui plants or other furnishings can be placed to cover it; If the two doors are close, you can hang a curtain on the door or close the door at any time to avoid collision between the two doors

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