What’s good to hang in the porch

What does Feng Shui at the entrance pay attention to furniture porch Feng Shui decoration how to place it in the furniture? How to match the porch decoration? Learn to match the decoration of the small porch below with everyone

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porch Feng Shui decoration

porch ornaments Feng Shui

1. Because the porch is in an important position, it has a great impact on house transportation. Therefore, the ornaments placed here should be careful to avoid inadvertently damaging the residential Feng Shui. The ancients often placed lions and bouncing beasts, which were powerful and spiritual, to guard at the door as the patron saint of the house

2. Installation of porch lens

usually, the installation of mirrors in the porch can be used to sort out the instruments when entering and leaving, and can also make the porch look wider and brighter. However, if the mirror is aligned with the door for no reason, it is absolutely inappropriate, because the lens has the function of reflection. It will reflect the prosperity and wealth flowing in from the gate and shut out the God of wealth

3. It is not suitable to post lenses on the top of the porch. If the ceiling on the top of the porch is made of lenses, you can see your reflection as soon as you enter the door and raise your head, which makes you feel that heaven and earth are upside down. This is a big taboo in Feng Shui and must be avoided as far as possible

4. Arrangement of porch plants

greening the indoor environment, increasing vitality, making the auspicious more auspicious, and the fierce turn the evil into auspicious. However, it must be noted that the plants placed in the porch should be mainly evergreen plants enjoying leaves, such as iron tree, fortune tree, golden Pueraria, banyan and so on. Thorny plants such as cacti and roses Don’t put cuckoos in the porch and destroy the Feng Shui there with rabbits. Moreover, the porch plants must remain evergreen. If they are withered and yellow, they should be replaced as soon as possible

large plants with lighting, stylish trees and potted orchids in full bloom are all suitable for the porch. If the light in the porch is poor, the wind blows through the porch, the temperature decreases at night, the walkway is narrow or there is little square or rectangular space, the ordinary flowering plants will be more suitable than the plants with special shapes. In addition, the same kind of plants can be arranged between the porch and the living room to facilitate the connection between the two spaces

porch accessories matching

porch Feng Shui is one of the important factors in home feng shui. If you want to create a happy and perfect home, porch Feng Shui can not be ignored. So what are the factors that affect the feng shui of the porch? Among them, the placement of exquisite ornaments is very key. Now let’s learn how to place ornaments to make the porch have a good feng shui

now we have no space to place stone lions, unicorns and other town houses at the door, so many people choose to place animal shaped handicrafts in the porch, which can also receive the effect of mutual house, but remember not to compete with the zodiac of the head of household, rats and horses, cattle and sheep, tigers and monkeys, rabbits and chickens, dragons and dogs, snakes and pigs

and the placement of the landlord God of wealth. The correct name of the landlord is ” The Dragon gods of five places and five lands, the God of wealth of the former and the latter landlords ” , Therefore, the landlord must be placed facing the gate. He can hold the house and shut out all kinds of cattle, ghosts and snakes. The best place for the landlord is the porch cabinet facing the gate. The landlord has been worshipped on the ground for a long time, so it doesn’t matter if it is placed next to the shoe cabinet, but the interior of the landlord God cabinet should be decorated with red paint

the God of wealth is divided into the God of wealth of Wu and the God of wealth of Wen. The God of wealth of Wu should stand in the door, but the God of wealth of Wen must face the house before he can lead money into the house, otherwise he will transport the wealth of the family to the outside. But remember not to let Wen Caishen face the fish tank or toilet, otherwise he often meets Caihua water

finally, if you install a mirror in the porch, don’t let the mirror face the door or hang on your head. Facing the door will block back the wealth flowing from the door, and installing a mirror on your head will produce a Feng Shui taboo of reversing heaven and earth

pay attention to the feng shui of the porch

because the porch is in an important position, it has a great impact on the house transportation. Therefore, be careful with the ornaments placed here to avoid inadvertently damaging the feng shui of the house. The ancients put lions, unicorns and other intelligent beasts to guard at the door as the patron saint of the house. If a lion or unicorn is placed outside the house in a modern house, it is often restricted by many restrictions. Second, it can be placed in the place facing the gate in the porch, which can also have a protective effect. Many people like to place animal shaped handicrafts in the porch as decorative furnishings, but they should remember not to collide with the zodiac of the head of household, so as to avoid the risk of being offended by the entrance

the twelve zodiac signs contradict each other as follows:

the zodiac signs belong to the rat and avoid the horse, the zodiac signs belong to the horse and avoid the mouse

the zodiac signs belong to the cow and avoid the sheep, the zodiac signs belong to the sheep and avoid the cow

the zodiac signs belong to the tiger, the zodiac signs belong to the tiger, the zodiac signs belong to the pig and avoid the snake

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