What are the Feng Shui functions of the restaurant

Why is it better not to connect the restaurant with the kitchen? In the design of the residence, the dining room and kitchen should form their own independent space. For convenience, some people connect the restaurant with the kitchen, or directly place the dining table in the kitchen, which is extremely unfavorable in Feng Shui

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Feng Shui believes that the kitchen represents the source of wealth and Treasury, which is used to accumulate wealth; The restaurant is a place where families share food and consume wealth. The two places are completely different in essence. If we insist on integration, it is easy to cause the family to be confused in financial management, and the members of the family may also consume irrationally. At the same time, the probability of debt and investment strength will be greatly increased. If such a situation has occurred, that is, the restaurant and kitchen have been connected, then it is necessary to use the screen to create the spacing effect

the restaurant in the house is a place for family meals and the key to promoting harmonious coexistence among family members. Therefore, good restaurant Feng Shui is bound to promote family harmony, good health, wide financial resources, and the centripetal force of family members. Therefore, we should not only set up a restaurant at home, but also ensure that the whole family has a dinner here at least once a day, so as to achieve the purpose of harmonious feelings

some mascots can also be placed in the restaurant, which can increase the talent and prosperity of the restaurant. The three immortals of fortune, wealth and longevity symbolize wealth, health and longevity. They are very suitable in the restaurant. Putting up some pictures with fruit and food patterns in the restaurant can also attract good luck. For example, oranges represent wealth, peaches represent longevity, and pomegranates represent many children and grandchildren

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