How to choose the right table

The round table has always been my favorite, although it may not be liked in the eyes of others. I think the round or oval table is the best. As an active element, it makes people feel calm and dynamic when compared with other things in the space” Circle ” ; It symbolizes the round of a family. Round things can gather popularity. Round is a classic symbolic technique full of cohesion

as for the square dining table, the smaller one can seat four people, formerly known as the four Sendai, and the larger one can seat eight people, known as ” Eight immortals table, Sitting around, the gathering of eight immortals is also quite auspicious. When using a square dining table, avoid sitting at the corner of the table to avoid being damaged by the corner

western style rectangular dining table can also be used, but combined with the eating habits of Chinese people, most of the dishes are placed in the center of the table, which will be inconvenient if you sit in the head and tail seat

the dining table shall not have sharp and acute angles. Once the angle is less than 90 degrees, it is an acute angle. A sharp angle is harmful and will hurt the family in an careless state. Therefore, it is very inappropriate to use triangular or acute angle tables in restaurants

the most important thing about the texture of the dining table is to be easy to clean. Marble, glass, wood and other tables of different materials can be used, but if you feel from the hand, marble and glass products are too cold, which is not conducive to maintaining body temperature, so I recommend you to use wooden tables

the size of the dining table should form an appropriate proportion with the size and population of the restaurant. If there are only three people in the family, but the dining table is a large table for ten people, or the dining room is small but the dining table is large, forming a small table in the hall, which will cause inconvenient access and poor airflow. Therefore, the most important thing is to have a moderate and appropriate proportion, which is also an important principle of interior design

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