Where is the best location for the old man’s bedroom

Where is the best location for the old man’s bedroom? As a vulnerable group in society, the elderly should be paid attention to and protected. Therefore, when setting up bedrooms, we must consider comprehensively, not only to make them live comfortably, but also to meet the requirements of Feng Shui

in terms of home feng shui, the elderly’s bedroom is best located in the southeast for the following reasons:

first, the southeast is relatively hidden and the environment is quiet. Most of the elderly sleep shallow, easy to wake up, the bedroom is located in this position is beneficial to sleep

Second, it is close to the bathroom in the South or southeast, which is convenient for the daily life of the elderly. Considering the inconvenience of the elderly, it is relatively convenient to set the bedroom in this place

Third, the southeast is well lit. More sun exposure for the elderly is good for health, and this person can just meet this requirement

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