What’s particular about the gate in feng shui

What’s particular about the gate? For example, the front door and the front door of the bedroom will be affected by the wind and water. If they are mentioned here, they are called the front door and the front door. Due to improper design, this problem will occur in many homes. The kitchen is opposite to the door, the toilet to the door, the bedroom to the door, and the door in the house. For example, the bedroom door is opposite to the bathroom door, the bedroom door is opposite to the kitchen door, or the study door is opposite to the toilet door. Therefore, the design of the door of the house itself should be staggered during construction

  ” The opposite of the two doors is called mutual scolding, It is generally said that this kind of situation is a violation of the door

the most direct impact of breaking the door is that there are many right and wrong families. It is easy for everyone to argue over trivial things like sesame seeds and mung beans. If the problem expands further, it will be opinions and conflicts with others at work; Friction with empathy and boss at work, etc

however, ” Door to door ” ; There will be no serious problems, unless the door of the house has been directed by a straight and long corridor, and the door is directed at the door, problems will follow

committed the door rush, and the door is towards ” East” Northeast” Northwest” North, It is the man in the master’s family who is easy to provoke right and wrong

if you make a door rush, and the door is facing ” Southeast, southwest, West ” , Then the women in the master’s family are easy to provoke right and wrong

because the position of male hexagram violates Chong Sha, which is mainly unfavorable to men, and the position of female hexagram violates Chong Sha, which is mainly unfavorable to women

the male divination position is ” Dry, earthquake, ridge, root ”

the female divination position is ” Kun, Xun, Li, dui ”

What are the taboos of Feng Shui at the gate

1. The door should not be too wide or too narrow

the size of the entrance door should be moderate. The ancients once said: if the house is large, the door must be larger, and if the house is small, the door must be smaller. Otherwise, there will be bad luck. Of course, this is for high-end houses and rural houses. It is not allowed to adjust the outer wall of an apartment in the city

2. Do not look at the mirror in front of the door

remember not to install the door in front of the mirror. This is because mirrors can turn evil spirits in houses. Since the mirror can turn evil spirits, it means it can turn Qi. And the mirror will not only turn evil into good. Many masters say that putting a mirror in the place of wealth position is equivalent to adding another wealth position

this statement is wrong. Because in the same way, it can be put in the brake position, which is equivalent to adding a brake position. There is no point in putting a mirror. Therefore, the door taboo is facing the mirror, whether it is for their own home or for others

3. It is forbidden to pass through the door to the end

it means that you can see the corridor as soon as the door is opened, or opening the door is a corridor leading to the inside of the house. This kind of housing seems to be divided into two. Auspicious Qi will not stay in the house, let alone help transportation. The health and career of residents in the house will decline

4. The door cannot face the indoor door

as we all know, the air field at the air inlet of the entrance door is very strong. If it rushes into the house, it will cause serious harm to people living indoors. For example, if the door goes straight to the bedroom, it will affect sleep; If you go straight to the children’s room, the child will keep crying; If you go straight to the bathroom, it will affect people’s health. Usually, the entrance door is facing the indoor door. You can make a porch or screen as a partition in the door to cushion the effect, but it does not have the effect of Feng Shui

door to door Feng Shui solution method

(1) hang heavenly official blessings outside the door. If the two families reach an agreement, it is best to hang one each. Or hang a door crossing mantra inside and outside the door. It can solve all kinds of disasters, get the blessing of the supreme power God, and make the house safe and good luck

(2) a six character mantra Seven Star array is placed in the gate to stabilize the gas field of house transportation. Or hang a mirror of the nine palaces and eight trigrams inside the door to add good fortune in case of good fortune and turn evil into evil in case of evil

(3) if two doors in one’s own home are opposite, or two doors in the same company are opposite, it is suggested that the two doors should be closed frequently, or the door curtain can be hung on the two doors, because hanging the door curtain will slow down the speed of air flow in and out of the two doors and achieve the effect of stable air flow

(4) if the company’s gate is opposite to the gate of other companies, consider expanding the size of the gate. Place an image of wealth, honor and glory outside or inside the gate, the larger the better

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