What’s particular about decorating the porch

The porch plays an important role in Feng Shui, and special attention should be paid to the decoration. Attention should be paid to keeping the porch clean and bright. The porch is the first place that guests see after entering the gate, which reflects the spiritual outlook and taste cultivation of the host. If too many sundries are stacked in the porch, it will give people a feeling of slovenness and lack of cleaning up, which will affect the impression of the host in the eyes of the guests

at the same time, if the porch is disorderly, it will have a great impact on the feng shui of the house. First, it will affect people’s spirit and mood; Second, the messy porch will affect the family’s luck, make all matters of the family disturbing and cause verbal disputes

the porch should also be bright, and attention should be paid to daylighting. If the porch is dark and unclear, it will make people feel depressed, and seriously affect the house transportation. There are hidden worries about the decline of family life. Due to the special position of the porch, it is in the transition room from the entrance door to the living room. Maybe natural lighting can not ensure sufficient light. At this time, it needs to be supplemented by lighting

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