Common kitchen Feng Shui taboos

The kitchen is indispensable in every family. People cook delicious food here, and the kitchen is closely related to the health of the family. Kitchen Feng Shui has always been concerned by people, and there are many related Feng Shui taboos. How much do you know about the common kitchen Feng Shui taboos? Let’s analyze it for you

1. The door directly faces the kitchen

the door cannot directly face the kitchen, and the fire mouth of the stove cannot form a straight line with the door, which will overcome each other. This design will cause great damage to the health and financial fortune of the residents, and is also prone to gastrointestinal diseases. This situation can only be solved by moving the stove to his prescription

2. Mirrors should not be hung in the kitchen

mirrors hung in the kitchen are one of the Feng Shui taboos in the kitchen. Mirrors should not be hung behind the stove, and the hanging position of the mirrors cannot reflect the food in the pot. This is called “Tianmen fire”, which will cause fire or misfortune to the house

3. The fridge and rice jar in the kitchen are empty

the fridge and rice jar in the kitchen cannot be empty and should be filled at any time. These are closely related to food and clothing, symbolizing the saying that there is no worry about food and clothing at home. In addition, three copper coins in red envelopes placed in the rice jar have the effect of attracting money

4. The kitchen should not be too close to the toilet

because the toilet is the place where sewage is discharged, many tangible and intangible germs will enter the kitchen, which will affect health and go to water. If it comes and goes too close, there will be no money; It can not be set in the center of the house. The middle is the land of the emperor and the heart of the house. It is most forbidden to be pressed by the kitchen and toilet

5. There is no exhaust in the kitchen

there is no way for the kitchen to have no exhaust system. Such a kitchen will make the indoor bad luck accumulate and cannot be released, so that the villains in the residents’ life appear frequently, and the things calculated by others will often happen. Even if the residents live carefully, there are still times when they are caught off guard. Because of the arrival of villains, the residents have no way to deal with it, and they will gradually become timid, If you choose to compromise and escape, you can’t escape framing

6. Do not leave curtains

if the kitchen opens windows, it must have curtains. The kitchen without curtains will make the residents impatient and cause trouble because of their greed. Moreover, when such bad luck comes, the residents are often overwhelmed and have no good way to deal with it. Most of the time, they can only work in a hurry, resulting in twists and turns in their living conditions, Troublesome things will continue to come and impact the originally peaceful life

kitchen geomantic omen is also very important in the whole household geomantic omen, which has brought us many impacts. We should pay more attention in our life to avoid many adverse effects caused by poor kitchen geomantic omen, which is not conducive to our life or development of fortune

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