What should we pay attention to when placing Feng Shui plants

Plants can not only be used to decorate rooms and beautify the environment, but also regulate Feng Shui. First, it can be used to adjust the gas field, balance the flow of gas and bring vitality to the room. From a scientific point of view, green plants can not only absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, but also eliminate radiation and static electricity. They can be placed next to computers, balconies, bedrooms and other places, which is beneficial to physical and mental health. On this basis, if you can curse plants according to the eight trigrams of Feng Shui, the effect will be better

in addition, placing appropriate Feng Shui plants can also bring good luck to people. For example, Ginkgo biloba, which can be called a living fossil in plants, plays a psychic role in Feng Shui and can connect the aura of heaven and earth. Ginkgo trees are planted in front of Taoist temples in many temples. Of course, planting ginkgo trees at home is a little unrealistic, but you can collect a few ginkgo leaves and write your birthday eight characters on them with cinnabar, which can also have the same effect

the balcony is very suitable for placing plants. It not only has sufficient sunshine and air, but also can adjust Feng Shui, generate prosperity and turn evil spirits. Of course, if the balcony is close to the mountains and rivers, you can make full use of this inherent advantage and plant more green plants such as bamboo and evergreen, because these trees can not only bring vitality to people, but also their thick trunk and fat leaves are things that gather vitality. If the environment outside the balcony is bad, you can also use plant evil spirits, such as cactus and cactus. This is called attacking poison with poison, which can resist other sharp evil spirits

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