What Feng Shui matters should be paid attention to in wedding room decoration

Marriage house refers to the house that men and women live in after marriage. It does not necessarily need to be a new house, but it must be reasonably decorated and arranged before young couples move in. Otherwise, it cannot be called marriage house. Obviously, this kind of house has a special Feng Shui, and that’s why if there are problems in the decoration and layout of the marriage house, it may lead to the inability of the husband and wife to live in harmony after they move in, which will affect the emotional fortune of the husband and wife. So what are the Feng Shui decoration matters related to the wedding room in the introduction of Feng Shui

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the pattern of marriage house should be appropriate

square house type is undoubtedly more suitable for marriage house. After all, Feng Shui pays attention to the round sky and place, and square house can more effectively gather wealth and couples. However, it is difficult to keep the building type square now, so the most important problem is the lack of corners. Once the house has a lack of corners, it will have a great impact on its Feng Shui. Especially if what is missing is the Feng Shui orientation related to marriage and feelings, it will have a greater impact

wedding room decoration color

although it is not appropriate to choose red when decorating the house, some festive colors need to be added to the decoration of the wedding room. For example, choosing red curtains, or sheets and quilt covers can increase the festive atmosphere. However, even if you need a festive atmosphere, don’t choose to use red as the main color in the living room, study and other houses to avoid causing the instability of Feng Shui

bed placement in the wedding room

the most important furniture in the master bedroom is the bed. The bed should be placed according to the relevant bedroom Feng Shui. For example, the head of the bed should be close to the wall, and the bed should not be opposite to the mirror, let alone put the bed on the peach blossom position in the bedroom

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