What effect does the bedside have on the door or window

The head of the bed is facing the door, which is a declining Feng Shui elephant, which will lead to poor career and unhealthy rest. In this case, you can move the bed and change the position of the bed. If the bed cannot be moved, you can also turn around to sleep to avoid the foreign gas outside the door disturbing your head and damaging your health

it’s not good for the head of the bed to be close to the window. In Feng Shui at home, it means that there is no backer and the status is not guaranteed. From the perspective of health, the head is easy to be disturbed by the airflow outside the window and induce various diseases

in addition, people who rest in bed are also vulnerable to wind, rain, lightning and the sun, and may even be injured. In a word, it’s best not to let the head of the bed close to the window

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