Feng Shui secret of home decoration

What is the secret between home decoration and Feng Shui? Indoor Feng Shui is very important to a family. The following is the Feng Shui secret of home decoration. Come and have a look at the relevant articles

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Feng Shui secrets of home furnishings

What Feng Shui secrets do home furnishings have

Shao Yong, a master of Yi studies in the Northern Song Dynasty, has two poems, ” One thing always has one body, one body also has one heaven and earth ” ;. All things between heaven and earth, whether they have the characteristics of life or not, also have their own gas field and magnetic field. Judging from the perspective of Yin-Yang and five elements, any item has its own different attributes of Yin-Yang and five elements. In home feng shui, items with different attributes of five elements are placed in different positions, which will induce and produce their own effects with Feng Shui Qi field. When an object is induced with auspicious aura, it will form a good feng shui aura; On the contrary, it will form a bad feng shui gas field. This is the luantao in Feng Shui

many friends like to decorate the home environment with some furniture accessories to make the home look warm and lively. From the perspective of Feng Shui, furniture and accessories can not be placed at will, and certain rules should be followed:

1. Large houses and small population

there are many families living in villas and luxury houses, with a small population, or even only 2-3 people. In such a geomantic environment, people’s aura is difficult to gather and cannot suppress the aura of the house, forming an adverse geomantic pattern and affecting the wealth and health of the family. Such families can keep pets at home and increase the mobility of the gas field. In addition, there should not be a vacant room. Even if the room is not used for a long time, several pieces of furniture need to be placed, and some decorations can be placed for decoration at the same time

2. The house is small and the population is large

such a house has a large population and the gas field is relatively messy. The gas field of people is stronger than that of residence. Therefore, it is not suitable to put too many furniture and accessories in the home, which will aggravate the mutual interference of this gas field. Have an adverse impact on the corresponding people

3. The five element attributes of ornaments are different from those of family

ornaments. The five element attributes of ornaments are comprehensively determined from the aspects of material, color, style and quantity. For example: Green belongs to wood, red belongs to fire, yellow belongs to soil, white belongs to gold, and black belongs to water; 1. 6 belong to water, 2 and 7 belong to fire, 3 and 8 belong to wood, 4 and 9 belong to gold, 5 and 10 belong to soil. The five element attributes of ornaments should not be mutually exclusive with the five elements of the family, otherwise it will affect the fortune of the corresponding person. Some corresponding animal shaped ornaments should not collide with the owner’s zodiac as far as possible

4. The five element attributes of ornaments and the Feng Shui pattern of houses

the Feng Shui pattern of each house is different. Therefore, the good and bad directions of each house are also different. If the mobile phone is placed in the wrong position, it will attract the bad wind and water signals, and the bad wind and water signals will be generated. Therefore, we should have a corresponding understanding of the Feng Shui pattern of the house, know the location of good and bad luck of the house, and then choose the appropriate accessories for placement, so as to achieve the effect of pursuing good luck and avoiding bad luck

5. Ornaments with spirituality and charm

due to the treatment of special methods, this kind of ornaments will have a stronger gas field, so the corresponding Feng Shui effect will be greater. When placing, we should listen to the guidance of professionals. Special attention is paid to that this kind of ornaments have spirituality and mana. Generally, they should not be placed in dirty places such as bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms, which will reduce their spirituality and mana. (except for special needs)

6. Sundries at home

try not to pile too many sundries outside the gate, balcony and indoor. Sundries that are not used for a long time should be disposed of as soon as possible. Many old people like to keep old things. If they accumulate for a long time, they will form a decaying atmosphere in the house, which will have an adverse impact on the health of their families, the relationship between husband and wife, their career and financial luck

the secret of home feng shui decoration and love

from the perspective of professional Feng Shui layout, the bed should be placed in the ” Enjoy using God ” ; A prosperous position. Only in this way can we be physically and mentally healthy. If you want a good man to pursue yourself, you should find out that the life Bureau likes to use peach blossom five elements to decorate beds or place vibrant green leafy plants. The most taboo bed is placed in the ” Avoid divinity ” , In particular, do not put the position of peach blossom robbery or peach blossom evil. The fierce peach blossom position cannot empty the vase or the vase with water. Fierce peach blossom is a bad star that destroys marriage, feelings and intelligence. In serious cases, it leads to bad things such as no marriage and lovelorn. It’s easy to be harassed by married men

things to throw away ” mdash” mdash;

things about past lovers

in order to start a new relationship, you must draw a line from the past. So, be happy and still get rid of those old love letters, gifts from your lover and everything related to your past relationship

objects representing singleness

don’t be reluctant to part with your single life. Get rid of those objects representing your singleness. If you have an expensive self portrait, give it to a friend ” mdash” mdash; Single women hang in the room and bring only single energy

single furnishings

there is only one bedside table at the head of the bed, and all other spaces are full of your women’s sundries ” mdash” mdash; That’s not good. Since your single life is so leisurely, why should love energy patronize you

too feminine object

if your room is full of female objects such as lace and

perfume, and men will tremble when they enter the space, then they should replace them with slightly masculine ones. p”gt;

oppressive things

sharp, angular or worn things will give you ” He ” ; Pressure, don’t make him uncomfortable, so let’s move the cactus away

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