What Feng Shui does the lamp have in decoration

Lamps and lanterns are very important in our daily life and can also bring us many conveniences. When we carry out home decoration, the decoration of lamps and lanterns is also a part that can not be ignored. In addition to some aesthetic and practical problems, we also need to pay attention to the relevant Feng Shui stress. What kind of Feng Shui stress will there be? Let’s take a look at the introduction brought by Fstips

the geomantic omen of porch lamps pays attention to

the porch is the first place we will see after entering, and it is also the first impression of the whole family. The porch can not only play a good decorative role, but also play a very important geomantic role. At this point, we can’t ignore the lamps in the porch. The light has a great impact on the Feng Shui environment in the whole porch. Feng Shui believes that the lamps at the porch must be bright enough to bring a lot of Yang. A bright porch feng shui will be good. On the contrary, if the light of the porch is insufficient, it will give people a gloomy feeling and can not form a good porch Feng Shui. So we need to pay attention when decorating. The lamps in the porch must be brighter

the feng shui of the living room lamps pays attention to

the living room is the focus of the decoration of the whole home, so the lamps in the living room are very important. Feng Shui pays attention to ” Bright hall ” , The living room should be the brightest place in the whole home. If other places are brighter than the living room, there will be a primary and secondary situation, which will not only affect the development of home transportation, but also the career development of family members. In addition, the shape of lamps should be round and square as much as possible. Some strange shapes, especially those with sharp corners, must not be selected, otherwise it will bring many bad spirits

the feng shui of bedroom lamps pays attention to

the bedroom is where we rest and sleep. What we need is a warm and comfortable environment, so we should pay more attention to decoration. Feng Shui believes that the lamps in the bedroom should be round, which represents perfection, especially in the couple’s bedroom, which can make the relationship between husband and wife better. In addition, the lamps in the bedroom cannot be too bright, otherwise it is easy to make people’s mood unstable and grumpy, so it is difficult to rest quietly, which will affect their health

the geomantic omen of the study lamps pays attention to

the study is where we work and study at home, so the lamps in the study decoration are also very important. In order to facilitate our work and study, the light in the study is also sufficient, and the color of the light also needs to be softer. The light yellow light is more suitable. If it is some strange colors, it will not only affect our work, but also make the Feng Shui in the study bad, resulting in a decline in the fortunes of work and study

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