What impact will bed against window have on house transportation

What impact will bed against the window have on house transportation? Some people think it is more romantic. Put the bed against the window, sit up from the bed in the morning, you can see the scenery outside the house, and count the stars before going to bed at night. But in fact, such arrangement will endanger the stability of house transportation

as the air outlet of the bedroom and the air outlet of the bedroom, the window should keep a certain distance from the bed. The bed is against the window, blocking the air outlet. When the outdoor wind blows directly to the bed, the momentum will become fierce. Even if there is a gentle breeze outside, the good air field will be destroyed when it blows to the bed. If there is a foul air outside the window, the bed is against the window, and people are more vulnerable to the foul air, such as ” Lamp brake” Guangsha” Sound Sha ” ; The harm to sleep is particularly obvious

the bed is close to the window, which is not conducive to the pulling of the curtain, and the shaking of the curtain will affect the air field on the bed. More importantly, if the bed is against the window, one side is empty and the other side is next to the air port, it will have a great sense of insecurity, which will have a great impact on the owner’s career. The owner’s career development may show a downward trend. If the main body of the bed does not lean against the window, it is not good for the head of the bed to lean against the window. The cold wind blows directly on the head, which is particularly harmful to health and does not meet the healthy Feng Shui required by Feng Shui

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