How to design a study

In the modern living room, people will design a study for work and study, which will be isolated from the noise outside and let themselves quickly devote themselves to work and study. When you have a study, have you noticed whether this study can bring you a good mood

I. desk in the study

every study should have windows, because only the room with windows can have ideal indoor air and light, so of course, the study should also have windows

but while you enjoy fresh air and plenty of sunshine, please note that the window of the study should not face the desk directly, because it is inappropriate for the desk to look empty from home. Let’s put aside Feng Shui first. In terms of the actual environment, if the desk is facing the window, people are easily distracted by the scenery outside the window, and it is difficult to calm down to study or work. This will have a great impact on teenagers who have not yet been determined. Therefore, in order to effectively enhance their attention during learning, parents should avoid placing their desks directly opposite the window

II. the color of the study

the color of a room should be mixed according to different fortune tellers and different house photos of each house. Here are some simple rules for you. The color of the whole study should be mainly light green. This is mainly because the five elements belong to wood, so the color close to wood should be adopted, and green is appropriate

in addition, let’s not talk about it from the perspective of Feng Shui. From the perspective of human health, green has a good protective effect on eyesight, which is most suitable for tired eyes and can play an effective role in nourishing eyes

of course, this is the most basic statement, which is equivalent to the relationship between constellations and zodiac signs. If we want to talk strictly from the perspective of Feng Shui, we should take the feng shui of the eight House School as the standard

III. bookcase in the study

as for the position of bookcase in the study, just remember the following eight character proverb; The desk sits auspicious, the bookcase sits fierce. That is to say, the desk should be placed in an auspicious position, and the bookcase should be placed in an unlucky position instead of the desk

IV. the area of the study

the room would rather be small and elegant, but also to prevent the disadvantages of being large and inappropriate. Some homes with spacious living space will set up a large study, which they think is more conducive to their career. In fact, it is difficult to concentrate on reading or writing in such a study, because gathering Qi is one of the most basic principles of Feng Shui. In such a large study, it is difficult to achieve the effect of gathering Qi, so people will inevitably be distracted. If you are the boss or manager of an enterprise, Planning strategies in such a large study actually has a great obstacle to the development of the career, so the area of the study should not be too large

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