Can the kitchen and toilet be close together

In modern houses, some house types are limited by the indoor area. In order to facilitate the design and save space, the kitchen and bathroom are usually designed to be closely connected. Some even open the door of the bathroom in the kitchen. When entering and leaving the bathroom, you must pass through the kitchen first. In fact, this situation is very inappropriate from the perspective of Feng Shui

we understand here according to the essence of traditional Feng Shui. The kitchen is an energy area of fire, mostly in ” Dry fire Qi ” ;; The toilet is an energy area of water, mostly ” Only Yin Qi ” ;. And ” Dry fire ” ; And ” Single Yin ” ; Both belong to bad luck. There is a saying in “Fu on the heart of snow”: ” Solitary Yang does not grow, and solitary Yin does not grow ” , It refers to these two Qi of yin and Yang

if water and fire are adjacent, on the one hand, it will cause magnetic field explosion and impact, and on the other hand, it will affect the energy state of the whole house

from the perspective of environmental sanitation, the kitchen is the place where a family prepares food, while the bathroom is the place where everyone usually urinates and urinates. If the kitchen at home is close to the bathroom, there will be some problems in food hygiene, such as the foul gas in the bathroom. It is usually difficult for people to completely remove it, and it is easy to breed a large number of bacteria and dirt. In this case, it will not only pollute the food, but also seriously damage human health

if the filth in the bathroom is allowed to mix into the kitchen, the food made by the most skillful cook will not be delicious, which will destroy the family’s dining mood and appetite

it is not difficult to see that the houses adjacent to the fire and water in the kitchen and bathroom are not suitable for living. Otherwise, it will have a bad impact on the physical and mental health of you and your family. If you live in such a house after reading this article, and it is difficult to change the house structure, and the bathroom is facing the kitchen, you must pay attention to closing the door of the bathroom often

of course, more and more people have recognized the disadvantages of the adjacent kitchen and bathroom in the house. Due to the shortage of housing in our country in the past, the importance of kitchen and toilet is usually ignored when designing houses, and they are regarded as secondary auxiliary space, thus forming some unreasonable patterns

with the improvement of people’s living standards and quality of life, they pay more attention to and know more about the knowledge of house Feng Shui, which has attracted the attention of architectural designers. In order to make their own houses sell better, their designs must conform to the people’s hearts, so this situation has become less and less

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