How to put Feng Shui on desk supplies

When arranging the study, except that Wenchang position must be determined, each study must be cloth ” The Bureau of benevolence and wisdom, That is, the study should become a bureau of benevolence and wisdom. What is benevolence and wisdom? ” Benevolent people enjoy mountains and wise people enjoy water ” ;. The users of the study must have backers and water behind them. Leshan means that the seat of the desk should have backers behind it and against the wall behind it, which not only has a sense of security, but is not easy to be disturbed behind it, because people can listen to all directions, but only look at six routes and have backers behind it, that is, there are backers. However, those who can succeed in getting ahead must not have backers except their own efforts, wisdom and opportunities. If you have something to rely on, you can get the help and favor of noble people in reading, examination and communication with others, and the working people can be appreciated and supported by their superiors. In ancient times, in addition to paying attention to the backer, the staff engaged in clerical office work also inlaid the back of the seat with natural mountain like marble as the backer to enhance the effect of leaning. It is called Leshan. Therefore, the seat back of the desk should be empty, such as not relying on the window and not relying on the door. In addition to the stress of Feng Shui, it is also due to the fact that someone is walking around behind the desk, so it is difficult to sit stably and concentrate

in front of the desk in the study, there are aquatic plants such as Fugui bamboo. It is better to have a single branch, such as three, five and seven branches. It is full of vitality and pleasing to the eyes, which is conducive to enlightening wisdom and can play the effect of wise people enjoying water

place the articles in the study

the articles on the desk are also very particular. The placement of articles has a great relationship with the user’s organized thinking, and the placement of articles should be neat and orderly in general

the supplies at both ends of the desk should not be placed higher than the head. Too high an item will hinder the user’s vision and make it difficult to develop, so it must be high and low. For male users, the green dragon position on the left hand should be high and moving, the white tiger position on the right hand should be low and quiet, and important items with energy, such as telephones, fax machines and electric lights, should be placed on the left; For female users, the white tiger position on the right should be strengthened, and important items can be placed on the right

the desk should be kept neat and clean. Clean and tidy up after each work or after the desecration of books, so as to be conducive to the next reading and learning. This habit should be persistent, from beginning to end, in order to always keep the residents have a flexible and clear mind at all times

the furniture in the study should use dark colors, such as millet, dark brown, iron red and other dignified, concise, thick and simple colors. Such colors can stabilize people’s emotions and be conducive to thinking

the desk in the study should not be placed facing the toilet of the master’s room or the wall of the public toilet, nor back against the wall of the toilet

rattan plants should not be placed in the study, because rattan plants are easy to make the room moist, which is not conducive to the maintenance of books, and such plants will make people confused

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