Layout of Feng Shui infertility in home interior decoration

The interior decoration pattern is not only related to the fate of the family, but also closely related to the health of the family. When the decoration pattern of the home interior is wrong, or the decoration of the home interior is inconsistent with the stress in Feng Shui, and touches Feng Shui taboos, it will endanger the health of the family and even lead to infertility of the husband and wife! Let’s take a look at the layout of Feng Shui infertility in home interior decoration

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the light in the bedroom is too dark

people have heard books ” Bright hall and dark room ” ; Feng Shui principle, so many people will pay more attention to the bright light of the living room in the home decoration, and don’t care much about the light of the bedroom. They will even design the light of the living room very dark, resulting in the lack of light in the bedroom all day, forming a dark space! In fact, such layout and decoration touch the taboos in Feng Shui, and will also lead to the formation of strong Yin Qi in the bedroom. These Yin Qi drives away Yang Qi and absorbs the energy of the human body, which will damage the health of the human body and even affect the feelings between husband and wife! Living in a dark bedroom for a long time, husband and wife have different feelings and poor health. How can they get pregnant? I’m afraid I’ll suffer from infertility. And Feng Shui said ” Bright hall and dark room, Not that the light in the bedroom should be dark, but that the light in the bedroom should be soft

the house is airtight

when decorating the house, we also need to pay attention to the ventilation problem of the house, because the ventilation of the house is very important. It is not only related to the ventilation and air circulation of the house, but also related to the physical health of the family. Generally speaking, the house with poor ventilation has poor Feng Shui, which will also affect the health and fortune of the family! At the same time, if your house is decorated to be airtight, such a house will not only be harmful to the health of your family, but also have a certain impact on the physical function of your family, such as infertility! It can be seen that airtight houses can also lead to family infertility

irregular rooms are used as bedrooms

bedrooms are related to the couple’s pregnancy, childbirth, health and feelings, so the decoration of bedrooms has a great relationship with whether the couple can get pregnant. Feng Shui believes that if you decorate the irregular room in your home into a bedroom and use it as a couple’s bedroom, this will have a great impact on the couple’s feelings and their health, and even lead to infertility! Because from the perspective of Feng Shui, an irregular room is a room with poor gas field and abnormal gas field. How can a couple’s health be guaranteed if they live in such a room? Only infertility

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