What Feng Shui effects will low ceiling bring

In residential decoration, the decoration of the ceiling is very important. We should pay attention to the style and shape of the ceiling. In addition, we also need to pay attention to the height of the ceiling. Generally speaking, the height of the ceiling will have certain requirements, but in real life, the ceiling will be too low. So do you know what kind of Feng Shui effect will be brought by the low ceiling

suppress the gas field

in a house, the stability of the gas field is very important. The gas field will not only affect the Feng Shui in the whole house, but also be very important for the development of people’s fortune. If the ceiling in the house is relatively low, the gas field of the whole house will be suppressed and people will feel very depressed. People living in such an environment will also become bad. In real life, we encounter many problems, the physical condition decreases, and the probability of getting sick will increase greatly

lower status

a low ceiling will not only suppress the aura, but also reduce people’s status in life. Whether in society or in the workplace, they will be in a relatively low position, suppressed by others, and vulnerable to bullying by others. There are no opportunities for development and it is difficult to improve their status. It can be said that there is no future for development

Destroy family harmony

families live in the same house. If there is a problem with residential Feng Shui, it will also have a certain impact on the relationship between families. If the ceiling is too low, it will give people a depressing feeling. When people live in such an environment, they will become emotionally unstable and mentally nervous. There will be more friction between families in life, and there will also be contradictions and disputes, resulting in a bad family atmosphere and breaking the harmony of the family

hinder the development of wealth and fortune

residential Feng Shui pays attention to the storage of wind and gas, which is easier to gather wealth and fortune. If the ceiling in the house is relatively low, it will affect the circulation of breath. When the circulation of breath is suppressed, Feng Shui cannot operate, let alone hide wind and accept gas. Without the entry of wealth, some bad breath cannot be taken away. The whole Feng Shui environment will become very bad. If people live in this environment for a long time, the development of wealth will be greatly affected

bad for health

if the ceiling in our house is too low, living in such an environment for a long time is bad for the health of our family. There will be a lot of bad breath in such a residential environment, resulting in a bad feng shui environment, which will naturally affect the health of our family, especially the elderly and children at home

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