Stress on Feng Shui in new house decoration

The so-called “one life, two sports and three Feng Shui” has an important impact on our life. Therefore, we must pay attention to Feng Shui in our life, and there is no exception in the decoration of new houses; So in Feng Shui, what is the stress of Feng Shui in new house decoration? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

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Feng Shui in new house decoration

Feng Shui taboos in new house decoration

1. Four taboos in the living room during new house decoration

1. Location taboo: you can’t see the living room when entering the door, and there is no rotation between the door and the living room

future impact: the use and configuration of space are reversed, and the living room is wrongly set in the rear, which will lead to the pattern of returning wealth and easy to make the wealth go downhill. Feng Shui Tips ” Like to whirl, avoid straight ” ;. There is no porch or low cabinet between the gate and the living room. The external air directly rushes into the house. The Yang in the house is also easy to dissipate, or it may bring the evil spirit of damaging the wealth of the family

suggestion: after entering the gate, you should first see the living room, while the bedroom, kitchen and other spaces should be located behind the house. A porch or low cabinet shelter is set up between the gate and the living room to cushion the inside and outside, gather in the living room after the Qi can be rotated, and the interior of the house is also hidden, which is not easy to peep outside. The interior of the house is hidden and deep, symbolizing the continuity of happiness

2. Decoration taboo: the living room is hung with pictures of beasts and stuffed with antiques, sundries or decorations

future effects: if you like to hang dragons, tigers, eagles and other beasts, you need to pay special attention to facing the head of the beast in the painting outward to form a defensive pattern. Never threaten yourself with the head of the beast inward, otherwise it is easy to bring unexpected disasters to your family. In addition, if the living room is full of antiques, sundries and decorations, it is easy to accumulate dust and affect the smooth airflow. Of course, it is easy to make people’s blood and health decline

suggestion: if the living room is hung with flowers, plants, mountains and rivers, or auspicious animals such as fish, birds, horses, white cranes and Phoenix, there is usually no taboo. However, too many decorations should not be placed in the living room. Proper decoration is enough. It can not only make people feel fresh and clean, but also make residents develop healthily in body and mind

3. Light taboo: the light in the living room is dark and dim, and the colors of the walls and curtains of the living room are too dark

future effects: Feng Shui Theory ” Bright hall and dark room, It emphasizes that the living room should be brighter and full of light than the room. A bright living room can bring strong family fortune. On the contrary, it may lead to the interruption of financial fortune

suggestion: Feng Shui in the living room has sufficient light, so try to avoid placing too many dense potted plants on the balcony to avoid blocking the light. The living room is a place where family and friends meet. It is most necessary to create a lively and harmonious atmosphere. The circle belongs to Yang and is a dynamic symbol, so the round lighting, ceiling modeling and decorations have a warm and lively atmosphere. The cheerful and bright atmosphere in the living room may bring unexpected good luck

4. Area taboo: the area of the bedroom is too large, more than 20 square meters; Or too small, less than Sanping

aftereffects: if the bedroom is too big and bright, and there are too many windows, the Feng Shui Qi is easy to dissipate, the Yang Qi is insufficient, and the Yin Qi of loneliness and deficiency is born. If there is more Yin Qi, the husband and wife are easy to cool, quarrel and argue. However, if you live in a small bedroom, you will feel depressed, which will affect the owner’s physical health and mental mood over time

suggestion: the bedroom is the place of love between husband and wife. It needs to gather Yang Qi and have good ventilation. Therefore, the room area should be moderate, not too large or too crowded. Generally speaking, the area of the bedroom should not be larger than that of the living room. The size of the master bedroom is based on the space in front of the bed, which shall not exceed the length of one bed

II. Six taboos in new house decoration

1. Avoid facing the door

stairs are not only an important channel connecting upstairs and downstairs, but also the place of receiving and supplying air in terms of Feng Shui. The ideal position for stairs is to stand against the wall. Avoid by all means in the center of the room. This is tantamount to dividing the home into two, which will bring bad luck to the home

2. The ceiling should not be cumbersome

the ceiling on the roof of the living room is high. For residential Feng Shui, it is the symbol of heaven, so it is very important. The common storey height of modern houses is about 2.8 meters. If the roof is decorated with false ceiling, the design is slightly improper, it will appear very tired. There is a strong sense of oppression caused by the collapse of the sky, and the residents will be under too much pressure

3. Avoid sundries on the balcony

the balcony is an important channel for residential gas reception. It should be kept open and bright as far as possible, and plants should not be too dense to block the light. The balconies in the southwest and northeast are not suitable for planting plants, otherwise it will have an adverse impact on the family’s intestines, stomach and transportation. Planting plants in the southwest will also affect the hostess’s transportation, and the Northeast will affect the children’s studies

4. Avoid glass in the porch

the porch is to the family as the throat is to the human body, and its Feng Shui function is very important. To give full play to the Feng Shui function of the porch, we must pay attention to the various taboos of the components of the porch in Feng Shui. The ceiling of the porch should be high rather than low: if the ceiling at the porch is too low and oppressive, it is a bad omen in Feng Shui, which symbolizes that the family is oppressed and constrained, and it is difficult to stand out. In addition, the wall space of the porch should be solid at the bottom and virtual at the top: facing the porch of the gate, the lower half should take the solid wall as the foundation, solid and stable, while the upper half can be decorated with glass, which is the best to be transparent without leakage. It must be noted that mirror glass cannot be used. The mirror that can reflect can not face the door, because the wealth of the home will be reflected out

5. The toilet and bathroom should not be conspicuous

the traditional feng shui theory should avoid the good and bad luck of the toilet and bathroom. In addition to pointing out that it should be pressed on the bad side, others are rarely mentioned, so there are many statements attached to the meeting. What should we pay attention to in the bathroom

the location of the toilet should be hidden as far as possible, not directly facing the door. The door faces the toilet door, and the main wealth and wealth do not gather

6. Avoid complexity in the six study rooms

with the development of the times, people’s cultural literacy continues to improve, and they spend more and more time reading and learning at home. Therefore, when arranging the room, people pay more attention to the layout of the study or learning corner

the desk cannot be placed in the middle of the room, because it is isolated in all directions, helpless in front, back, left and right, lonely in main study and career, and it is difficult to develop

What’s the stress of Feng Shui in new house decoration

1. The pattern of Feng Shui gate of new house

the gate should not be flushed. Try to avoid being flushed, whether it’s the elevator or the street going out, there will be money loss and disaster, which should be paid attention to. The location of the gate can be determined according to its own destiny, such as ” Yang life and fire face each other ” ; The preferred location is the southwest, so the southwest will have a prosperous atmosphere field. Opening the gate here is beneficial to Feng Shui

2. Layout of Feng Shui bedroom in the new house

the light in the bedroom should not be too strong. Because the bed is a resting place, the strong light is easy to make the mood restless. Curtains can be installed to reduce the light of the whole space; However, the light in the living room space needs to be brighter. A bright living room can bring strong family fortune. On the contrary, it may lead to the interruption of financial fortune

3. New house Feng Shui color taboo

color not only plays the role of decoration, but also affects people’s health. Generally, black and bright red should not appear in the interior of the home. Black color is heavy, which will probably affect the mood and easily lead to disharmony between husband and wife. Although the red color is auspicious, it is unfavorable to wealth in Feng Shui. It seems auspicious, but it also has the saying of breaking money

4. Layout of Feng Shui living room of the new house

the living room is the main place to recruit money and the Treasury of the house. The general pattern of the living room is based on a square pattern, which is conducive to receiving gas. The taboo of the living room is too strange, and it is not easy to combine with the restaurant. If there is an arch or small ladder pattern in the living room, it is easy to cause money loss and gas field disorder

What’s the stress on Feng Shui in new house decoration?

the living room is best located in the front half of the house near the gate, so as to directly absorb the air entering from the gate. If you have to go through a corridor to reach the living room, the corridor must be kept clean, and the lighting must be sufficient to prevent air from entering the living room. If it is a mezzanine house design, the living room should be located on the lower floor

the pattern of the living room should be square or rectangular. The seat area should not rush to the corner of the room, and the sofa should not press the beam. If a hidden arrow is released from a prominent corner, it can be dissolved by furnishing bonsai or furniture. If the living room is L-shaped, it can be divided into two square areas with furniture and regarded as two independent rooms. For example, you can use one area as a reception room and another area as a living room. Or hang a mirror on the wall, symbolically make up the missing corner, and then decide the central point as a complete room

the main color of the living room is not the main factor of Feng Shui layout. The most important thing is the energy balance reached by the pattern and the Shengke of the five elements. However, choosing the correct color according to the orientation of the living room relative to the whole house can have the effect of Feng Shui plus points. For example, if the living room is located in the southwest or northeast of the residence, the Yellow system shall be applied; If it is located in the southeast or due east, the green system shall be applied; Located in the north, the blue system is applied; Located in the south, it applies the red system; Located in the northwest or west, it shall be white, silver or gold

the shape of furniture should be solid, and high backed sofas and seats should be used, because it is not only comfortable, but also a symbol of family life. Ideally, the furnishings of living room furniture are best in the shape of gossip. Because the seats are adjacent to each other, it can promote the harmony of interpersonal relations. The bedroom must be tidy, otherwise it will accumulate filth. And we must not install mirrors at will, which will damage the indoor magnetic field. We can’t install mirrors on both walls. Many people like the mirror as decoration, which will backfire. There should be no big mirrors in the bedroom

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