Home decoration Feng Shui stresses Daquan

The decoration of a beautiful home will add a lot of color. home decoration Feng Shui often inadvertently, it will make the house magnificent, or elegant, or fresh and pleasant, and the decoration style will play freely, but it can not be separated from one thing, that is, to create a beneficial Yang house

Feng Shui for home decoration

Feng Shui for home decoration ” Three beauties ”

  1. Simple and beautiful: small furnishings decorated with interior decoration should try to avoid monotonous and dull colors, so as to achieve pleasing visual effects. The aesthetic tastes expressed in the same way are also very different: polished and bright marble vases can produce a soft, fine and smooth effect, frosted objects appear rough and deep, painted wood carvings are exquisite and gorgeous, and the log fruit plate has a kind of thick and simple beauty

  2. Harmonious beauty: oil painting or framed painting must pay attention to daylighting to make the angle and tone unified and harmonious. For rooms with sufficient light and large area, if the furniture is mainly white, milky white, gray or egg white, you can choose paintings with red, white and black as the main colors. If the color of furniture is mainly coffee and tan, you can choose strong and lively oil paintings to set off. If the color of furniture is cream yellow, goose yellow or wood color as the main tone, it is best to choose the classical oil painting with dark purple and bronze as the basic tone, so as to create a bright, elegant, magnificent and harmonious beauty in the room

  3. Symmetrical beauty: hanging calligraphy and painting looks simple, but it is an art. Chinese calligraphy and painting pay attention to balance and symmetry, that is, the beauty of symmetry. For paintings, tapestries and reliefs of wall decoration, the most suitable wall for viewing must be selected as the display position. The living room is suitable for hanging calligraphy and painting, and the horizontal batch is suitable for hanging in the central part of the sofa and writing desk or between two pieces of furniture, so as to achieve balance and reflect the beauty of symmetry

children’s room home decoration Feng Shui
when decorating the room, the Feng Shui layout must fully consider the requirements of these unique functions of children’s bedroom. Especially with the help of home decoration skills, through color, daylighting, furniture, windows (decoration effect drawing) households, curtains (decoration effect drawing) and accessories, seek the support of all kinds of energy, so that children can strive to grow, have rich imagination when playing, be innocent, and be quiet, peaceful, quiet and soft when sleeping. The walls of children’s bedrooms should not be pasted with strange animal portraits. The tangible must have spirit. Children will be frightened and behave strangely when they see these paintings. Don’t stick pictures of warriors and fighters on the walls of children’s bedrooms to avoid children’s aggressive habits

ten details of home decoration Feng Shui

1 If the hall of the house is dark, wall hanging or pictures can be added to make up for defects, such as peony or sunflower, which can harvest masculinity. In addition, the hanging painting should be fair and aboveboard, and avoid isolated things. If a landscape painting is hung on the hall, it is required that the water potential flow into the house and not outward. Because the mountain owner Ding Guancai, the inward flow of water means entering treasure, and the outflow of water means losing wealth. If the owner avoids water, whether the water potential is inward or outward, hanging landscape painting is unfavorable. The boat painting should make the bow of the boat to the inside, and avoid to the outside. It is unfavorable for wealth to those outside the house, and it is intended to return home with a full load. Calligraphy and painting of auspicious home, including Peony painting symbolizing wealth and glory, lotus and Koi painting symbolizing surplus every year, evergreen pine and cypress painting symbolizing health and longevity, etc. As for characters, it is appropriate to use calligraphy that implies auspiciousness and good praise and prayer

  2. Some hall and room wall clocks are necessary, because in these places, wall clocks have four major functions: one is to attract wealth, the other is to avoid evil spirits, the third is to help the master’s fortune, and the fourth is to count time. However, if you don’t know how to hang the clock, you can’t hang it in the wrong place. The front of the clock cannot face inward. It should face the door or balcony

  3. The color of the room is white, yellow, blue and green. The wood color can also be used. Avoid black and use less gray. The ceiling color should be light rather than heavy. The ceiling of the living room symbolizes ” Days, Of course, the color should be light and clear. The so-called light and clear refers to lighter and lighter colors. Generally speaking, white, light yellow and light blue are the main colors, symbolizing the bright blue sky, while white symbolizes the long white clouds; The color of the floor is mainly slightly dark, which is in line with the meaning of light sky and heavy earth

  4. The space of the restaurant should also be in the form of vertical greening. In the vertical space, it should be decorated with green plants in the form of hanging or embedding. The shape of lamps should not be too cumbersome. It is appropriate to use convenient and practical up-down moving lamps. At the same time, luminous holes can also be used to limit the space and obtain a friendly light feeling through soft light. In the hidden corner, it’s best to arrange a speaker. When eating, play a soft and beautiful background music in time. In medicine, it is believed that it can promote the secretion of digestive enzymes in the human body, promote the peristalsis of the stomach and facilitate food digestion

  5. Goldfish can be raised at home. Goldfish is often called Feng Shui fish, which can make up for the defects of home feng shui and make the house full of vitality. However, it must be noted that the size of the fish tank shall be moderate, and other sundries shall not be stacked around; It cannot face the stove directly, because the stove belongs to fire and is opposite to water; There should be no dead fish, and the image of the God of wealth should not be placed on the fish tank

  6. Floor lamps are generally placed in the rest area of the living room, which cooperate with the sofa and tea table to meet the lighting needs of the area on the one hand and form a specific environmental atmosphere on the other hand. Generally, floor lamps should not be placed next to tall furniture or in areas that hinder activities. In addition, floor lamps can also be used in the bedroom

  7. The green plants in the room should be placed. In the hall, rich bamboo and fortune tree can be placed, which symbolizes vitality, can produce oxygen and is beneficial to the room. There is no need to force flowers in four seasons, but they must be evergreen. If they wither, they need to be replaced in order to make the room more dynamic

  8. No matter whether the room is occupied or not, the doors and windows in the room should be normally open and closed to make the momentum flow and the air renew, so as to achieve ” Running water does not rot, household pivot is more than ” ;. In addition, the door gap of the gate shall not be too large. If the house is small, the furniture in the room should not be too large, and the hanging mirror should not be too large, which is considered from the perspective of maintaining balance

  9. Some people like to use gossip mirrors, wind chimes and other things, but they don’t know why, so they can’t use them indiscriminately at home. If there are flaws in the pattern, it is best to resolve them with decoration or plants

  10. Most of the electrical appliances at home are concentrated in the living room, such as telephone, TV, stereo, etc., which are usually placed in the living room. Therefore, there will be many electrical lines. It is best to make these lines hidden or handle them neatly, so as not to make the living room look disorderly and affect the mood

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