Why can’t the bedroom TV face the bed

Some families have more than one TV. The TV is put in the living room and in the bedroom; Some families move the TV to the bedroom for the convenience of watching TV. The bedroom is not suitable for putting TV, because the five elements of TV belong to fire, and the fire is very prosperous. The bedroom is a place that avoids fire, so it is not suitable for putting TV

if the TV must be placed in the bedroom, it must not be facing the bed, and there must be a certain distance from the bed. TV itself has strong radiation, which will disturb the quiet and warm atmosphere on the bed, which is very harmful to people’s health. If the TV is facing the head of the bed, it may cause eye diseases and headaches; Facing the end of the bed may be detrimental to women’s fertility; Both the head and tail of the bed have certain stimulation to the nervous system

secondly, the TV screen will reflect light and form ” Reflective BRAKE ” ; Rushing straight into the bed can easily lead to nightmares. Therefore, Feng Shui’s best advice is not to put the TV in the bedroom

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