Can Yuanbao also promote the prosperity of Wenchang

Many people may have heard of placing Yuanbao to promote wealth and prosperity, but they have never heard of placing Yuanbao to promote prosperity and prosperity. From the perspective of Feng Shui, Yuanbao can also be used as a treasure to promote the prosperity of Wenchang. The key is to see how to place it to make the Yuanbao have the auspicious meaning of prosperity of Wenchang, so as to produce a corresponding aura to promote the prosperity of Wenchang. If you put a ” Ternary and ” ; The shape of can well promote the prosperity of Wenchang

  ” Ternary and ” ; It can be said that it is the result of the dream of ancient scholars, the so-called ” Three yuan and talent, the first grade is the Royal salary and ten thousand bells ” ;. Sanyuan refers to Jieyuan, Huiyuan and No. 1 scholar. They were the first place in the ancient imperial examination in rural examination, joint examination and palace examination

sanyuanhe is the first place in these three examinations, which means that the study is smooth and rising step by step, which can be said to be the biggest dream of ancient and modern students

  ” Ternary and ” ; The Feng Shui ornament of is to put three treasures together, the lower two and the upper one, forming a product shape, ” Yuanbao ” ; ” Yuan ” ; That is, homophonic ” Ternary ” ; ” Yuan ”

  ” Ternary and ” ; You can use your own Yuanbao to place it, but go directly to the three yuan connected ” Ternary and ” , The effect is better” Ternary and ” ; It is most suitable to be placed in the financial position of the house and has the function of attracting wealth

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