What flowers are placed in the restaurant

The layout of flowers and plants in the restaurant is very particular. We should not only pay attention to space, lighting, color, smell and other factors, but also pay attention to Feng Shui factors. Only the appropriate layout of flowers and plants can beautify the environment, recruit wealth, prosper officials and prosper the family. On the contrary, it will not only make people uncomfortable and affect their mood, but also lead to loss of money and disaster and affect their health due to ignorance of Feng Shui

for potted flowers and flower arrangements in greening restaurants, attention should be paid to the change and contrast of the color of flowers and plants, so as to help increase appetite and activate the atmosphere. Different functions of the room indoor greening, create different space colors, can make people more relaxed and happy. Therefore, the flowers and plants placed in the restaurant should be replaced in time with the change of season, and the bonsai should be taken care of professionally at all times, so as to reflect the character and taste of the homeowner and play the role of greening and beautification. The restaurant is a place where families get together for dinner. The following flowers and plants can be used to increase appetite and promote family health

  1. Carnation. The main reason why it is given to its mother is its good quality. Carnations of different colors represent different emotions

red carnation: used to wish mother health and longevity

yellow carnation: represents gratitude to mother

pink carnation: I wish my mother always beautiful and young

the most fashionable method is to insert a large handful of carnations into a square vase and place them on the table without losing warmth. If there is an open area between the kitchen and restaurant at home, it will be even better. Put the carnations in this separated space, and you can always feel the tenderness and love of your mother

  2. Yellow Rose. Rose, known as the flower of love, is a deciduous shrub of Rosa. The stem has thorns and strong aroma. Yellow rose is the general name of the Yellow strains of roses, symbolizing pure friendship and good wishes

  3. Huang Suxin. Yellow jasmine is an evergreen shrub belonging to jasmine of Oleaceae. Its long branches are arched and drooping with edges. Leaves elliptic or ovate, apically convex. Flowers solitary or several, terminal in cymes. The flowers are pink outside and white inside, with strong aroma. The flowering period is from March to April. It is suitable for garden frame cultivation

  4. rosemary. Rosemary can help people reduce their dependence on caffeine. If it is ground into powder and cooked in chicken or fish, it can also help digestion and enhance immunity. And rosemary is easy to grow. As long as you get more sun and water often, you can thrive

  5. Geranium. The smell of geranium is very suitable for restaurants and can increase appetite. When choosing geranium, please pay attention to the variety with aroma, especially the variety with lemon and rose aroma, which is very suitable for planting in restaurants. Their flowers can be added to cakes, biscuits and tea water, which can add fresh fragrance to food and make it more delicious. This kind of flowers and plants can receive sunshine for no less than 4 hours every day. They can be watered once a week. If they are not dry, they should be watered thoroughly

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