What are the Feng Shui taboos in the bathroom

Toilet is a necessary place for every family, but with the expansion of urban population, the housing space is becoming more and more tense. Sometimes people change the toilet into a bedroom in order to expand the housing area. In fact, this is seriously prohibited in Feng Shui. The reason is very simple. First, the bathroom is a dirty place and haunted by evil spirits. It is a Feng Shui taboo for the bedroom to be close to the bathroom, not to mention rebuilding the bedroom with the bathroom. Second, the general urban unit room and toilet are consistent from top to bottom. If it is transformed into a bedroom, the possible leakage on the roof is easy to pollute the environment and bring bad luck to the owner

the location of the toilet is also important. It’s better not to be located in the north, because it’s commonly known as the ghost back door. Such a house layout is easy to be plagued by diseases, such as gastrointestinal diseases. If you are troubled by diseases for a long time, you can also check the location of your bathroom. To avoid these problems, you can choose a house with a bathroom built in the northwest, Southeast or east at the beginning of house selection or building. At the same time, combined with the relationship between the zodiac and location, you can choose a suitable bathroom location

finally, the sanitation department must have better ventilation conditions, so as to dispel the bad luck and prevent the bad luck from staying at home and bringing bad luck to the owner. The sanitary floor must be decorated with materials such as marble to prevent water leakage. The floor should be lower than the living room and bedroom, otherwise the water vapor overflowing from it will cause secretory system diseases

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