The bathroom is facing the entrance door

In modern houses, some houses set the toilet directly opposite the door from the perspective of convenience for visitors. In fact, this practice violates the Feng Shui principle and will greatly damage the home feng shui. Because the gate is the air outlet of the house and the place where the family contacts with the outside world, which is conducive to the anger, blessing and wealth of the house. If people are facing the bathroom, they will be impacted by the turbid and Yin Qi of the bathroom, which will not only destroy the Feng Shui of the house, but also affect the fortune of the family

moreover, it is also very indecent for visitors to see the bathroom as soon as they enter the door, which affects the image of the host in the eyes of the guests, and the dirty gas in the bathroom will emit peculiar smell. People entering and leaving the door will be disturbed by this peculiar smell, which will also affect their spirit and mood. In the long run, it will lead to mental fatigue, negative emotion, lack of motivation, and often breathe unclean air, It is also not conducive to people’s health

therefore, it is better not to choose the residence with the bathroom facing the gate. If this is the case, the bathroom door facing the gate can be closed, and then the door can be opened in another direction, so as to dissolve the bad breath

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