Feng Shui of doors and windows

The door is called ” in Feng Shui; Air port, It is the only place in the house that the whole family will promote prosperity every day, and plays an extremely important role in the feng shui of the house. According to the three important points of the Yangzhai, the door is the main stove, the door is the first, and the rise and fall of the door owner’s house. Gu Yun: ” The door is right in the middle, and the family road is complete” ;” The gate is open, and the children’s Lord prospers” ; Another cloud: ” It’s better to build ten graves with others than open one door with others” ; We can see the importance of the door

the ancients believed that one Japanese door and two Japanese doors. The purpose of the gate is to receive gas and air. The gate attaches importance to the thoroughfare, so as to receive anger from all sides. The door must be upright, thick and auspicious. The door shape is crooked, strange, incomplete and damaged. Don’t look at the mirror inside the door and commit ” Backlight ” ; Bad luck. Ancient doors are opened inward to absorb auspicious Qi. Ancient doors are made of auspicious sizes of Luban ruler to facilitate the prosperity of family transportation. In ancient times, a gate fence was added at the door to increase official morale and avoid the outflow of wealth, but the gate fence should not be too high. The black and white gates are unlucky

What does the

window represent? The answer is: Windows represent people’s eyes. In ancient times, it was believed that the eye represented fire and the south. The south window saw the mountain. At home, Feng Shui or a sharp corner shot from the opposite house to the south window. People in this house would be blind, have eye sores, or have eye problems. There is another saying that since the window represents the eye, the window should be wiped frequently and kept clean

in addition, doors and windows are important for Home Feng Shui ” Financial position ” ; The impact is also quite deep. There is a special position in the living room, which is related to the prosperity, career and reputation of the whole family. This position is commonly known as wealth position. The feng shui of wealth is related to the feng shui of the whole home. If we have some concepts about Yangzhai Feng Shui, we can make up for or change them to achieve the purpose of prosperity. Wealth cannot be moved, so wealth is located in the immovable side, usually in the diagonal direction of the entrance. If there is a window at the wealth position, it can be treated with internal nail plywood wall, so that the wealth position will not leak out

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