How to resolve the evil spirit outside the doors and windows

Many times, due to the influence of various factors, we are often unable to choose the surrounding environment and house type we live in. At this time, we may encounter some bad feng shui of doors and windows. Then, can we only admit bad luck? Of course not. The following will introduce some solutions to the problems of doors and windows, which are practical and simple

① if the window faces sharp corner shaped objects, blade like buildings, or is exposed to the reflection of glass, electric lamp column or electric tower, it is very harmful to health, and there is likely to be blood light or fire

solution: hang a small sword outside the window and face the evil side to cut off the evil spirit

② if the door and window face the ridge, it is especially like being impacted by the girder. The owner’s house is in bad luck and loses money

solution: offer an open compass or gossip

③ if the window faces the hospital, funeral home, cemetery, temple, police station, prison, slaughterhouse, garbage room, pornography place, etc., it will have an adverse impact on the wealth, career, health and mood of the people in the house

solution: hang a real gourd outside the window and open the cover of the gourd to stop the resentment and filth

④ if the window faces the reverse bow curved road or water flow, it is like being cut with a sickle, which represents the breakdown of family feelings and the coming and going of wealth

solution: put one in the window, which can ward off evil spirits, block evil spirits and prosper wealth, making money easier to accumulate

⑤ if the window faces the small gap between the two adjacent buildings, it is easy to cause bloody disaster. However, if the number of floors you live in is too high, or the gap is very wide, it will not be affected

it is better to hang the curtain on one side of the convex window, and the method is to dissolve it

curtains can play a key role in the chemical brake. The following will introduce some practical applications of curtains in the chemical brake. The so-called evil spirit is divided into tangible and intangible. Tangible things can be seen or even touched by the naked eye, such as corners, broken mountains, road rushing, etc. Invisible is the evil star in Qi. The simplest is the nine official flying star of the flying star sect. The following stars are evil stars:

the two black are disease runes, which belong to earth and are mainly disease and plague

three bilies are Chiyou stars, which belong to wood and are the main words of dispute

Wuhuang is Lian Zhenxing. It belongs to the soil and is the main culprit of disasters

Qichi is an army breaking star, which belongs to gold. It is mainly responsible for wounding thieves, officials and non-governmental organizations, and surgery

the distribution of these constellations varies from year to year, and there are also constellations that change every 20 years. Therefore, special evil methods should be used to deal with them in order to achieve the purpose of seeking good luck and avoiding bad luck. The investigation of Feng Shui is like the diagnosis of a disease. Since we see that there is a disease, we should prescribe a prescription, and we should use appropriate drugs to treat it. In terms of Feng Shui, these drugs are all kinds of Feng Shui chemical evil tools. It’s hard to avoid the crowded houses in big cities ” Watchtower ” , However, if you encounter the opposite building outside the window, it is caused by the glass outer wall and the building with three pointed corners ” Sha ” , It will affect the population in the house. As long as different styles of curtains are selected according to the direction of the evil spirit, the evil spirit can be changed

Roman curtain blocks the northern water brake : the Roman curtain pulled upward can be pulled up by several sections. This feature of large upward pull belongs to ” Soil ” , By ” Soil ” ; G ” Water ” ; The principle of can block the North belongs to ” Water ” ; The evil spirit of

aluminum shutter block east and Southeast wood brake : if the brake is subordinate ” Wood ” ; From the East and southeast of the, it is most effective to use gold aluminum curtains to block the evil Qi

the water wave curtain blocks the southern fire ghost : this noble and elegant water wave curtain belongs to ” Water ” , Able to block ” from the South; Fire ” ; The evil spirit of

artificial fiber curtain blocks the West and northwest Jinsha : in Feng Shui, artificial fiber belongs to ” Fire ” , Use it to block from the West and northwest; Gold ” ; You’re the best

wooden shutter to block the northeast and southwest earth brake : if there is one from the northeast and southwest, it belongs to ” Soil ” ; The evil Qi of can be used as ” Wood ” ; Wooden blinds block the brakes. If the wooden curtain is too expensive and heavy, it can be replaced by the paper or cloth curtain made of plants, which has the same blocking effect

gauze curtain light blocking brake : if the window is facing the glass curtain wall building, the glass curtain wall will reflect sunlight and sea water light into the house, forming ” Guangsha ” , It makes people emotionally unstable and prone to mental problems. You can bury the gauze curtain and open it after sunset, because the glass curtain wall building is only used as a mirror after sunset. If there is a neon tube outside the window, the curtain will fall day and night, then ” Guangsha ” ; It won’t be a problem

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