Feng Shui taboo in combination cabinet

The combination cabinet in the living room is mainly used to place TV, stereo and all kinds of sundries. Although it is not as important as the sofa in Feng Shui, it is a combination matched with the sofa. In the living room, the sofa is generally relatively small, while the combination cabinet is relatively tall, so the sofa is like water and the combination cabinet is like a mountain. If the combined cabinet in the living room is too small, it will make the living room have water and no mountains, so it is unlucky

generally speaking, the combination cabinet in the living room should be tall. If a lower combination cabinet has been selected at home, a horizontal picture can be hung on the empty wall above the combination cabinet to visually enhance the height of this side ” ; Painting should be based on auspicious patterns. For example, it is more appropriate to choose a natural painting with water

in addition to hanging pictures, you can also nail some partition boards for placing items on the wall above the low cabinet to make it become a part of the combined cabinet, so as to increase the height of the combined cabinet. No matter what material, it should be mainly circular, or square partition can be used. Do not use partition with sharp corners

Although the living room has a tall cabinet, it is easy to put it in a narrow living room. Therefore, you can try to slightly reduce the height of the combined cabinet to make it 60 cm away from the ceiling, so as to facilitate the flow of air array. If you still want to choose a tall cabinet, you can choose a hollow cabinet. The feature of this cabinet is that the lower part is stable and can place some large objects. The upper shelf is light and flexible. It can place some decorations or DVD discs, and there is a large space in the middle for placing TV and stereo. This kind of cabinet weakens the original sense of reality to a certain extent and has more space

the fish tank placed on the combined cabinet should not be too large first, and the square is the best, which can be safer on the combined cabinet. The fish tank should not be placed too high, which is not only prone to the risk of falling, but also hinders the maintenance of the fish tank. The fish tank should be placed near the windowsill. Compared with the aisle, there are few people passing by here, which is safer, and close to the air port, which can play the role of wind and water

when the living room is spacious, a relatively short combined cabinet is selected. If there are no items on both sides, there will be a large empty space, which makes people feel empty. If the furniture in the living room is too sparse, the gas is not easy to gather here, so the furniture on both sides of the combined cabinet should be added

placing large leafy plants on both sides of the combination cabinet is an effective way to improve the emptiness. The branches and leaves of plants extending around have the function of diffusion. They are like the green dragon and white tiger of the combined cabinet. At the same time, they have the dual functions of vitality and wealth

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