How about the balcony facing the kitchen

The balcony is facing the kitchen, okay? Yangzhai Feng Shui believes that the balcony is facing the kitchen, which is a very bad situation in Feng Shui

(1) the kitchen is too hot in the five elements. The kitchen is a place of fire, which itself gives people a feeling of dryness and heat, and the balcony is a sunny place. If the sunlight on the balcony shines on the kitchen stove, it will seriously affect the physical and mental health of housewives, especially eye diseases

(2) the balcony is facing the kitchen, which may cause excessive moisture in the five elements, which does not conflict with the first article. The kitchen is full of fire and heavy moisture. The balcony faces the kitchen. When it rains, the moisture on the balcony will run into the kitchen, deepening the dirty gas of the kitchen, and even the balcony rain may float into the kitchen utensils. This is very bad and will seriously damage the health of the family

(3) the balcony is opposite to the kitchen, which is also called “Feng Shui”; Piercing the heart” Piercing the heart ” ; It will often damage the wealth of housing

the best solution is to set a certain barrier in the middle, such as a screen or planting Feng Shui plants. Remember, plants should not be evil, so as not to rush into the kitchen, and stay away from the kitchen, so as not to damage the vitality of plants by oil fume. Or extend the eaves of the kitchen, which can play a certain role in shading and avoiding rain

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