How to put the bookcase

Bookcase is the main storage space in the study. It’s best to keep flexible in design. In addition to the bookshelves for books and magazines, it’s best to have some closets with doors at the lower part. On the one hand, this design can increase the space of book collection, and can also be used for the storage of other items

the study needs a simple sense of integrity, which is more conducive to people’s quiet reading and learning. Some families like to use bookcases with glass n, so too gorgeous decoration will appear very impetuous. Therefore, in the selection of materials, wood is the best, and it is best to use an open dark bookcase

in order to store more and more books, many people choose to configure a tall bookcase in their study. But the size of the bookcase should match the size of the room. Moreover, in Feng Shui, too high bookcases will have an impact on health, leading to residents’ physical weakness. In addition, if the bookcase is too high, it is easy to lead to the pattern of oppressing the desk, making people tired, dizzy and restless

Feng Shui believes that the bookcase belongs to Yin and the desk belongs to Yang. In order to balance yin and Yang, the bookcase and desk should not only be placed in the corresponding position, but also be separated by a certain distance. At the same time, in order to be consistent with its negative attribute, the position of the bookcase should avoid direct sunlight, which is also more conducive to the collection and preservation of books. In order to make the bookcase have a sense of hierarchy and keep the airflow inside the bookcase unobstructed, it is not suitable to fill the whole bookcase with books, and leave a little space anyway

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