Correct placement of Feng Shui on computer desk

With the development of electronic technology, computer has increasingly become an important part of people’s work and life. Many people face computers for up to six to eight hours a day, and computers are things of fire. They are extremely angry, which will lead to excessive anger. At this time, people should set up the computer desktop according to their own needs

generally speaking, it is better for people who avoid fire to stay away from items belonging to fire, but it is inevitable to use computers belonging to fire in modern life. The solution is to place water objects next to the computer, such as a glass of water, a glacier picture, a basin of aquatic plants, a crystal, a fish tank, etc., so that the energy of water weakens the fire

among the five elements, computers are extremely angry electrical appliances. People who lack water use computers is not conducive to their five elements. But modern life cannot leave the computer, so we should pay attention to putting a glass of water or a basin of water plants next to the computer when using the computer. The mouse is the only thing that belongs to water on the computer, but the flashing photoelectric mouse belongs to fire. This kind of photoelectric mouse is best used by people who are short of water

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