What are the taboos in bed placement

Sleep takes up one third of a person’s life. Therefore, the furnishings in the bedroom and the position of the bed are extremely important. The placement of the bed should be determined according to everyone’s life, and then match the sitting direction of the residence. However, the relevant calculation method is more complex and must be investigated by an experienced feng shui master

therefore, we can only provide some basic matters needing attention when placing beds for your reference

bed placement taboo :

1. The head of the bed must be leaning, but it is not reliable to face the large window and floor glass window; The headboard should also have a proper height

2. The head of the bed should not be close to the entrance of the room or face the door, so that you can’t sleep peacefully

3. The bed should not be placed under the beam or uneven ceiling, otherwise it is easy to cause joint and orthopedic diseases

4. There should be no lighting in the middle of the bed. If it is committed, it may lead to surgery

5. Do not choose too low bed or tatami, because the closer to the ground, the more dirty the air is and the heavier the moisture is, which will affect your health

6. If the bed is properly placed, it is not only beneficial to health, but also conducive to the harmonious relationship between husband and wife. If it matches with the five elements of personal fortune, it can make the luck go smoothly and affect wealth, career, offspring and reputation. Therefore, we can’t take it seriously

7. The mirror should not be placed in the positive position at the end of the bed. If it is committed, it may bring disasters, such as blood light and surgery

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