How to set the screen in the living room

There are four basic principles for setting the living room screen:

① the interval of the living room screen should be mainly transparent. Therefore, it is better to use transparent frosted glass and heavier wood. If wood must be used for the pursuit of style, it should also use wood with brighter colors rather than fancy wood. Because the tone is too deep, it is easy to feel clumsy, which makes the living room screen that is not spacious feel cramped, and it is easy to make people feel depressed

② the daylighting of the living room screen should be bright rather than dark, while most residential screens have no natural light source, so we must use more brains in daylighting. In addition to the interval should use more transparent frosted glass, the color of wood floor, floor tile or carpet should not be too dark. Because the color is too dark, it has a dark feeling. Most of the living room screens do not have outdoor natural light, so indoor lights should be used to remedy it, such as installing long-term lights. This is in line with Feng Shui ” Hall is bright and room is dark ” ; That’s right

③ the screen spacing in the living room should not be too high or too low, but should be moderate. Generally, the height of two meters is the most suitable; If the integration of the living room screen is too high, there will be a sense of oppression in it. Feng Shui Qing believes that if the living room screen is set too high, it will completely block the air outside the house, so as to cut off the fresh air or anger from the door, which is very undesirable. If it is too low, it will have no effect, which is inappropriate in Feng Shui and practical aspects

④ the screen in the living room should be kept clean and fresh. If too many sundries are piled around, it will not only make the living room screen look disorderly, but also have an impact on residential Feng Shui. The living room screen is messy and dark, and the whole room will appear crowded and depressed

the area of houses in modern cities is generally narrow, so the area of living room screen should not be set too large. If the area of the living room screen is set too large, the space of the residence will obviously feel cramped and difficult to move

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