Why is bay window design conducive to increasing house transportation

If your residential room is small and crowded, you can consider using bay window design to increase the transportation of your home. Because generally, rooms with smaller rooms are not particularly favorable in Feng Shui. The room appears very narrow, which gives people a sense of urgency in the air field. Especially in the design of windows, it takes more trouble. If the windows are opened too large, the small windows in the room are large, and the proportion is unbalanced, it will affect the harmony of the family; The size of the window is designed according to the area of the house. Although it will not produce any bad feng shui, it still can not improve the narrow situation of the house

the bay window design can obviously increase the visual effect of the house. The house looks more spacious and bright, creating a more relaxed living environment. At the same time, the protruding windowsill actually expands the utilization area of the house. Some green potted plants or decorative items can be placed on the windowsill, which can play a good role in promoting residential Feng Shui. This design is not limited to small rooms. Large rooms adopt bay window design, which will look more generous and open

however, attention should be paid to avoid the design of floor bay windows. However, if floor bay windows have been selected, a small part of the lower part of the windows can be pasted with frosted window paper, or curtains with thick cloth and dark color can be selected to avoid the impact of strong light in the afternoon on house transportation

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