Feng shui knowledge of home window decoration

Windows are indispensable in the home, which play an important role in ventilation, lighting and contact with the outside world. Therefore, windows are indispensable in every home, but the decoration of windows also needs to pay attention to Feng Shui and decorate according to feng shui knowledge; So in Feng Shui, what is the feng shui knowledge of home window decoration? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

feng shui knowledge of home window decoration

five knowledge of Feng Shui of home window decoration

1. Windows should not be facing the road rush

houses facing the road rush are prone to accidents. If this road rush is also facing the window, this disadvantage will be aggravated, so it is better to avoid it

2. The window should not be directly facing the water tower, electric pole, etc.

if the window is directly facing the water tower, electric pole, etc., the evil spirit formed by the water tower and electric pole will enter through the window, affecting the fortune of the family, especially in terms of wealth, career and health, which is more vulnerable to serious damage

3. The two windows should not be directly facing

the two windows of the room are directly facing, which will make it difficult to hide wind and gas indoors, which is almost equivalent to the situation that the doors and windows are directly facing, which is unfavorable to the gathering of popularity and wealth, and there is a risk of leakage of wealth

4. There should be no shelter in front of the window

the window absorbs sunlight and air into the room, which is also one of the communication channels between residents and the outside world. If the front of the window is blocked by buildings, mountains and other obstacles, it will not only block the vision of the residents, but also block the vitality and wealth of the room

5. Windows should not be damaged

windows are home ” Feng Shui eye, Broken windows can easily cause eye diseases to residents. In order to ensure the health of residents, it is suggested that once the windows are damaged, they should be repaired immediately

what is the knowledge of Feng Shui in home window decoration

first of all, let luck enter it. This is the most key point in many answers about the role of windows in home feng shui. In fact, it is not so difficult to understand, because luck is actually spread through the flow of air, and glass is not closed, Therefore, light and gas can still pass through it, so if there are no windows, the speed and measurement of later entry will have a great impact. Therefore, it is suggested that several windows should be designed inside the house, which can greatly improve the internal situation

secondly, let the relationship between yin and Yang be more harmonious. We know that sunlight is the representative of Yang Qi, and since the house is the place where living people live, it is naturally necessary to let Yang Qi occupy the main position. You know, bacteria can easily reproduce and live quickly in places with heavy Yin Qi. Therefore, if people with low immunity are also prone to serious diseases, and ultraviolet rays in sunlight have a good bactericidal effect, Therefore, it can effectively avoid the emergence and occurrence of respiratory tract infection and other diseases. This is where many answers about the role of windows in home feng shui are easy to forget

thirdly, in order to give full play to the role and effect of windows in Feng Shui, we still need to grasp the details efficiently, such as the size of windows, the number of windows and so on. In fact, we pay great attention to them. For a very simple example, the size of windows should not be too large or too small, otherwise it will make the evil spirit enter them too quickly. If it is too small, It will lead to the entry of sunshine and fortune is far from enough, so it is best to make a proportional arrangement in combination with the size of the independent space inside the house

to sum up, this is my personal answer to the question about the role of windows in home feng shui. I hope I can give you more help and reference. Naturally, the technology industry has a specialty, and the Fstips is not professional. Therefore, if there is something that can not be said in place, I hope I can be more understanding and tolerant

a complete collection of feng shui knowledge of home window decoration

first, windows are properly decorated, Wang Jiayun

1. Safety factors should be considered when installing windows

when people living on the first floor install metal guardrails on windows or balconies, there are two basic needs: one is to be safe and the other is to be beautiful. Safety means that in the event of a disaster, on the basis of preventing external intrusion, it leaves the possibility for the family to escape from the window, which cannot be completely sealed

2. It is better to open the window completely

the design of the window can determine the flow of air. It is better to open the window completely, which should be opened outward rather than inward, especially not upward or downward. The outward opening of the window can make a lot of air enter the room, which can enhance the residents’ air and career opportunities

3. Avoid high towers, electric poles and long poles outside the window

there are many accidents when the long poles of high towers are facing the portal. The front, gate and window of the house should avoid high towers, electric poles and long poles. In case someone builds a high tower or electric pole in front of the house or buries a long pole for some reason, they should negotiate in time to avoid accidents

4. The window opening position should be appropriate

if the window opening position and size are appropriate, all indoor spaces can be blown by the natural wind, which is conducive to the comfort of the indoor environment and the physical and mental health of the family. The function of opening windows can increase the communication opportunities between indoor light and the outside world

if the window is close to other buildings, there will be no effective natural ventilation and lighting, let alone visual enjoyment. In this way, the significance and function of opening the window have been completely lost

5. Pay attention to the height of the windowsill

when decorating, pay attention to whether the height of the windowsill is enough. If it is too low, it may cause accidents of accidental falling and make people feel unsafe. Consider increasing the height of the windowsill to avoid worrying about the safety of your family all day, reduce the psychological burden and ensure life safety

6. Add louvers, sunshades and other shading facilities

Add louvers, sunshades and other shading facilities at the openings of doors and windows, which can effectively reduce the chance of direct sunlight into the room. In this way, it can not only make the indoor temperature suitable, but also reduce the fading and damage of furniture or articles by direct sunlight. The rain blocking effect of the opening part can not be ignored. Appropriate rain blocking measures can be added to the opening part of the exterior wall doors and windows, such as canopy or windowsill barrier to make the windows retreat slightly inward, which can reduce the situation of rainwater entering the room, so as to ensure the dryness of the room and prolong the service life of furniture and home decoration

two and five taboos to stay away from

1. The gap of the window frame is too large

in cold winter, if you close the doors and windows, you can still hear the north wind whizzing and feel the biting cold wind pouring into the room, indicating that the air tightness of your doors and windows is not good. What are the disadvantages of doors and windows with poor air tightness? First, due to the large gap between the door frame and window frame, the sound is easy to enter and exit from this gap, and the noise cannot be isolated. Second, the gap between doors and windows is also a hole through which heat can easily enter and exit. If air conditioning equipment is used at home and the air tightness of doors and windows is poor, energy will be consumed. Therefore, in order to improve the sound insulation effect and save energy, solid doors and windows with good air tightness should be adopted. Generally speaking, the air tightness of double-layer glass window is better, and the effect of products with brand and reputation is better than that of non brand products

2. The window guardrail is too dense

the window guardrail cannot be too dense. During installation, we must pay attention to the harmony between the form and the whole building, so as not to affect the visual effect. If the guardrail is too dense, it is equivalent to excluding the factors of escape. The window guardrail above the second floor is too dense and not good. This kind of cage like guardrail will hinder their own fortune and make it difficult to prosper. Therefore, the window guardrail should consider both beauty and safety

3. There are doors and windows at the financial position

if there is a window at the financial position, it will leak out

do not see the kitchen stove from the door or living room. This Feng Shui is not conducive to human settlement. The solution is to change the position of the stove or make a screen or high cabinet outside the kitchen door to block it. It’s best to avoid seeing all the room doors in the living room. Otherwise, in addition to poor privacy, it will also give people a feeling that the door is wide open, making people feel like making trouble

4. There are three or more doors or windows in a row

there should not be too many doors and windows. Too many doors and windows will produce too strong air flow. Too strong air flow is unfavorable to people and wealth, resulting in endless problems within the family

5. Poor surface treatment of door and window handles

doors and windows must be connected with the building structure. In order to open doors and windows conveniently, all kinds of handles must be installed. The surface treatment of door and window handles is poor, which is easy to cause accidental scratch. Although it will not cause serious injury, it is really annoying! Therefore, we should choose high-quality door and window frames and pay attention to the quality of hardware handles, which can avoid unnecessary troubles and injuries

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